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Started on Jan 1st of 2015, but because I have a very short attention span, I ended up a. going on hiatus for most of the time, and b. only making a forum account now.


But hi! My favorite Pokemon is Cryogonal, but because it's not in this game, my favorite here is Corsola.


I'm currently bashing my head against a wall, and pelting various Kanto Safari Zone Pokemon with rocks because they're not Chansey. And then throwing rocks at Chansey. And then they run away and the cycle continues. Sometimes I throw money at the Safari Zone guy.


22 Chansey. I never thought it'd take this long.

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Hey welcome to the forums and welcome back to the game.  Hit me up in game sometime IGN: Xatu.  I offer small loans for new players with very low interest rates.  As well as basic help as needed.  See ya around!

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