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Jeanne is Cold as Ice


Date and time: Saturday May 27th 12pm EST | 4pm GMT to 1pm EST | 5pm GMT Meet at Sootoplis City
(45 minutes to catch your entry, 15 minutes to link your entry) 
Location: Underwater Hoenn, 

We'll be allowing a limited amount of non-members to participate Please contact MonkeyDMathew in game for more details.
To win this event you must catch the highest total (IV+Species Bonus) 
Species Bonus
Clamperl +5
Chinchou +5
Lanturn +5
Relicanth +10

All Pokemon must have been caught Under Water. Sootoplis within the event time. You will have 1 hour to catch your entry. 
Pokemon must be the player's OT 
Only one entry per player 
15 minutes will be given after the event for players to link their entry 

Have fun 

Hosts : MonkeyDMathew/SirOzwald The Peguin
Prize : A Comp Jynx
Good Luck! May RNG be with you! :P
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https://pokemmotournament.challonge.com/TeamTournamentNovembear   Picture of us at Team Tournament November, Beat Team HPX in are first match, Lost to rise in are 2nd match 2-1  @AxelBlizard

Thanks for hosting another great catching event!  We enjoyed hunting as a team and has so much fun. We appreciate all of your effort and look forward to many more to come! Thank you @Linfanz

Hide-n-Seek Most Wanted (Saturday 27th May)
Date and Time: Saturday 27th May, 2PM EST|6PM GMT|7PM BST
Location: The whole of Kanto and Hoenn

Explanation: The Host will hide in different places around the map each round. Once they announce they are ready to be found you can start searching for them. There will be 10 rounds and the first person to find the host will win that round. The host will announce a clue at the beginning of each round to help players find their location and every 5 minutes thereafter. The person with the most rounds won will get the prize :3
*We'll be allowing a limited amount of non-members to participate
The host hiding will announce at the start of each round that they are ready to be found. From that point players will be able to search for the host.
The first player to find the host, will win the round.
Access to any and all accessible in-game areas may be required.
Have fun.
Host(s) : QueenJeanne
Prize : Comp Charizard
Good Luck! May RNG be with you! :P
* If you're interested in participating please pm MonkeyDMatthew before the event day :3
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