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https://pokemmotournament.challonge.com/TeamTournamentNovembear   Picture of us at Team Tournament November, Beat Team HPX in are first match, Lost to rise in are 2nd match 2-1  @AxelBlizard

Thanks for hosting another great catching event!  We enjoyed hunting as a team and has so much fun. We appreciate all of your effort and look forward to many more to come! Thank you @Linfanz

27 minutes ago, xRdZiiiN said:

anyone watching one of this animes : Grancrest Senki , Megalo Box , Steins Gate 0 and the new SAO ?? give me ur thoughts about them ~

Grancrest Senki is one of my favorite Anime's from last season, it is worth watching and getting into, Great fight scenes great Story Every episode is interesting from start to finish, every min of it. that is something i can't say about a lot of anime's give it a try its worth your time.


For the new steins gate i have not checked it out yet, For Sao was never that into it 

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2 hours ago, MathewMat said:

I never liked SAO to begin with ziin could not even stand the first season, a black clover is getting more interesting and less , I'm also watching the new season of major, loves the oeginal

i need to restart watching more animes , i'm slacking for a couple months ~ i need to check out the new ones of the july season too.

i'm watching black clover too ~ it's a ok anime ~ like u said sometimes really nice, sometimes pretty weak.

I watched a few episodes of the first season , and i never finished it.



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