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World Cup - Group Stages - Group E

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and 2 pokes alive

jj pulling a gbwead, guess that's contaminating. Also I thought 2 groups move in like in real wc group stages, meh

Won, gg rynner, thx for staying up late for our match

16 minutes ago, DoubleJ said:

I don't understand why rynners and my match against Morocco/Algeria are being excluded. We scheduled the match like big boys and we got it done. Could it be that after those matches were played Algeria/Morocco just gave up because they realized they were outclassed? Why should we be punished because of another team dropping out? And to add, the Vincenteh vs Riga match means absolutely nothing for Malaysia, since that means they will simply be 3-3 along with the rest of us, should they win, and thus a tie breaker would still happen. The only reason this Vincenteh match is happening is for us to move on should we win, but there is 0 incentive for Vincenteh to even schedule since losing means an auto-elimination. And finally, Riga and Vincent are like on opposite sides of the Earth and scheduling mid-week is hell for anyone who works or is occupied during the majority of the day and can't play. 


It's a mess and these matches should have happened over the course of the month that this thread was open. Sorry to be a pain, but I just hate to see other teams in the playoffs and we're stuck in this log jam for reasons we couldn't control. 

Yeah, I'm aware it's really shitty that you and rynners won vs. Algeria/Morocco fair and straight and others get a "free pass" because of activity wins. To be fair, I would have voided all of their matches even if they won one because it would have been unfair that some people got activity wins while some people made the effort to schedule but lost. Either way there's not a single match that I could do anything else but give an activity loss to Algeria/Morocco. 


Currently the situation (Algeria/Morocco excluded) is:


USA leading Malaysia/Greece 2-0

Canada won USA 2-1

Malaysia/Greece won Canada 2-1


Since the last match isn't played in USA vs. Malaysia/Greece this means USA is leading by individual wins. If USA vs. Malaysia/Greece ended 2-1, this would mean there would be a three-way perfect tie. Here's where I would initiate the tiebreaker battles.


This is a huge mess, and there's really bad options I can do as a host. I just have to find the least bad option in every situation.


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59 minutes ago, Rynner said:


jj vince asked rigo to duel even bf the tie bc he just wanted to duel in the world cup


this did not happen, i never had any contact from him before yesterday. i had one guy whisper me once that i think was from the same team, but it wasn't even him and didnt even mention the match, they just whispered to see if I'd respond

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Just now, Rigamorty said:

this did not happen, i never had any contact from him before yesterday. i had one guy whisper me once that i think was from the same team, but it wasn't even him and didnt even mention the match, they just whispered to see if I'd respond

i though that vince told me that. maybe i remember wrong though so if im wrong sorry.

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Alright, there's a three-way-tie with Canada, USA and Malaysia/Greece. Tiebreaker battles will occur. Correction to my previous post, the deciding tiers will be decided by the following way.


The team that lost will first "ban" a tier, which not will be used in a tiebreaker. The winning team follows by banning the second tier and the third tier will serve as a tiebreaker. A team may use one player for both matches. Also to avoid another three way tie, when you win a match please report how many Pokemon you had alive.



Malaysia/Greece vs. USA tiebreaker


NU: Rynners vs. BurntZebra 


USA vs. Canada tiebreaker


OU: DoubleJ vs. DoctorPBC


Canada vs. Malaysia/Greece tiebreaker



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Malaysia/Greece banned UU vs. USA.

USA banned OU vs. Malaysia/Greece.


Malaysia/Greece vs. USA is NU tiebreaker.


USA banned NU vs. Canada

*waiting Canada to respond*


*waiting Canada to ban first tier vs. Malaysia/Greece*


@DoctorPBC, please let's do this tiebreaker quickly I won't wait long.

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Yo, good matches with Canada and Malaysia/Greece. We had 3 opportunities to get into the playoffs, but we choked each time. Either of you deserve to move on, so good luck. For me, I will happily await PSL8 now. 



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6 hours ago, Lazaro23 said:

Probably tonight, or tomorrow at night.

I can play around 7 - 7.30pm cdt

that's 5 hours from now right? yea leggo


ps: its 7am for me so if i overslept we'll fight tmr xddd

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