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World Cup - Group Stages - Group E

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and 2 pokes alive

jj pulling a gbwead, guess that's contaminating. Also I thought 2 groups move in like in real wc group stages, meh

Won, gg rynner, thx for staying up late for our match

4 minutes ago, Munya said:

JJ you lost to a member of team canada?  so disappointed. 

He called upon the sexiness of Prime Minister Troudeaux and haxed me not once, not twice, not three times, but... well you get the picture. I couldn't overcome it. I failed #america

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Lazaaro let me know that Pinklabel hasn't been too active scheduling the match with him. This is just a post for the captain to knowledge about the situation and if the captain feels that way, he may force a substitute. This is by no means an administrative decision to vouch for any kind of a substitute but simply it's in good sportsmanship to let the host know if someone is not being active and the host should let the captain know about this. @AbdOuMarley

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7 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

His captain stuck him in the one tier he doesn't play. Losing to me 6-0 probs didn't help the case either. 

flinch op af

will talk to pinklabel tonight on Facebook .

Edit :

let me fix that , FlinchS

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