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Attack on Titan


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1 minute ago, Munya said:

I could make a guess at least.  Probably look it up with no fear of being spoilered like you would be.


At the end of season 2, it was discovered Eren has that coordinate thingy, he basically controlled the other titans to beat the shit out of the titan who ate his mother and then ordered them again to stop Reiner and his friend. Scouts were saved, they entered the wall. Ymir bid farewell to Historia and went on with Reiner and all. At the end they just gave a sneak peak of what's about to come. (Even though it was a small tease like only few seconds, I think they revealed a lot...)


They showed the other kingdom(?)/country(?), they had similar walls like the one with Eren's, Beast titan was sitting on top and some guy came out from it. In previous episodes they also showed Ymir's story, so it doesn't take much to do the 2+2 here and understand what's been really going on all this time in the anime..




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On 9/8/2017 at 7:09 PM, Munya said:

Coffee mentioned it then you talked about it yeah.

Not even tagging me meownyah, shame on you.


Is Zeke in contact with Eren or something? All that mice and pillar talk, also the catch a ball thing and Eren owning a glove.

Zeke = Itachi Uchiha I want to belive.

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1 minute ago, Gilan said:

I'm honestly so lost in the manga now...


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it did a time skip right? Or are we in some memory thingy of eren's? I dunno really, the month in between releases really messes with my memory...


There was a 5 year? timeskip from when the scouts made it to the ocean to the chapters we've seen from the other side of things


Someone correct me if I'm wrong about the time skip length, but there was one for sure

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