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Obtainable Boxes


Hello everyone , i hope you're doing well! Here's my suggestion after a little discussion i had with Orange Maniac regarding the thread of free Boxes i came up with this idea.

Since the current number of boxes are 17 with the release of Unova you could update this to 20.  Also these 3 additional boxes could become obtainable through

a "Hidden Quest" .Completing Kanto pokedex OT  will reward you with 1 free box .Completing Hoenn pokedex OT with another one,and so on. Also they could become obtainable with pokeyen and rewarding points as an alternative.This way both free to play and pay to play players,will be happy. Thanks for your time!

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Cmon staff, its a good idea.


Why would u put the "OT" mechanic if there are no rewards for those who complete the OT dex? 


@Kyu @Desu

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great and fitting reward for collecting OT dex. I just dont like that RP shortcut, you need to buy other boxes anyway so i think those 3 could be keep exclusive for pokedex completionists

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16 hours ago, SodaNaranja said:

And gib backgrounds.

Not so fast! I feel that backgrounds should be earned too. Maybe save some for people who won officials (like @Frag, @DoubleJ, etc), some for breeding naturally (not by GTL), and maybe some for completing the story lines for each region.

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3 hours ago, SodaNaranja said:

These ideas are so good!




@Desu be like

  Reveal hidden contents



@Desu = From Russia With Love


But, I really do feel that PC backgrounds should be earned rather than just given. I feel its going to be a fun project for the artistic group in the staff lounge (@RacheLucario and her Pidgey slaves) and I do see this as a possibility.

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