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What's In The Box? (Monday, 17th Aphttps://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/70252-whats-in-the-box-monday-17th-april/ril)

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Big thanks to Noad for the amazing poster!


Event Description
The boss of the game corner has ran out of pokemon to sell. He has asked us to catch 16 species of pokemon with a specific nature. The first one to

catch the asked pokemon will be rewarded with a (few) mystery box(es). Will you be the first to catch one of the pokemon?

Date & Time

Monday 17th April l 9PM BST - 4PM EDT



Kanto Game Corner, Channel 7



Round 1-10: 1 Mystery Box per round

Round 11-15: 2 Mystery Boxes per round

Round 16: 10 Mystery Boxes




  • Event information will be broadcast over Channel 7 Chat.
  • Each Pokemon will have one specific nature.
  • You win the round if you are the first one to submit your entry in NORMAL chat in the Kanto Game Corner channel 7.
  • Only Pokemon caught after the event host announces its species for the round will be valid. 
  • The Pokemon must have your OT with 0 EXP and EVs.
  • You may not breed any Pokemon and submit it as an entry.
  • Any attempts to cheat will result in disqualification. 



Hosted by TheChampionMike 

GM: Noad

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Little reminder that this starts in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Hope to see everyone there o/

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Thank you everyone for joining What's In The Box. I hope you all had fun and liked this sort of weird prize!

Here are the winners:



Round 1: Treus

Round 2: Chicharron

Round 3: Treus

Round 4: DarylDixonTWD

Round 5: Frexaz

Round 6: Pinklabel

Round 7: Pinklabel

Round 8: SimoneP

Round 9: Jhonarz

Round 10: adamesh


Round 11: Treus

Round 12: SimoneP

Round 13: DarylDixonTWD

Round 14: DarylDixonTWD

Round 15: AlfredXD


Round 16: RyukoNotsunaga


Congratulations to the winners and hope to see everyone of you at our next official event!

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