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The main issue over the past month is getting the different map types to work. Gen 5 introduced a non-grid (I called this "3d maps" in the last PTS notes) style of map which took a while to figure out

i see gen 5 follows @DarylDixon movesets    

i found the bridge  

42 minutes ago, cchiovitti527 said:

Anyone know why the PTS client wont run on my crackbook?

We use an external Java Runtime Environment for macOS, because it doesn't provide its own


To test the PTS client on macOS, you'll need to download the latest JDK (which provides cli tools for java) & run the PTS client via the PokeMMO.sh shell script provided in the zip

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Just now, GiratinaXTrainer said:

To KYU. What is needed to do this on Windows? im running a White Rom and a Fire red rom. it wont let me acess PTS.

That should work fine. What error are you seeing?

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