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Team Tournament March 2017 (Saturday 25th March)


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Team Name: Aventerrør
Team Tag: ÁvE
Registered Players: xAnzar, WayAbove, Warstore, Wallstore, SteveDerBaum, SimonZwei, semjon, Pirinha, Pirc, OldMentor, Nohte, Metalhammer, Linken, Katzukiangel, goldenboi, EinZDH, Dexterrr, BonoboSupport, BestRUMBLEeu, AQA, Anthrazit
Team Captain: Pirinha


Would be nice if you could announce the next TTs a little bit earlier. I havent looked in the official Event topic for two days and now i missed the registration. Iam looking daily in the event calendar, but there isnt a post about the TT.

Would be nice if you could write it in the official Event Calenldar in the future.




I think we are Number 18. I hope we have two Teams who have no time tomorrow.

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On 23.03.2017 at 10:00 PM, Kaerodactyl said:

Team Name: Pokemon Aura
Team Tag: ÄURA
Registered Players: Forfiter, Maekaaay, AbdOu, Gluumac, BlueBreath, Kaerodactyl, PaganiCinque, Gazelli, DarylDixonTWD, Arimanius

Team Captain: DarylDixonTWD



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