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Rattata Rescue #2 (Friday 24th March)


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Youngster Joey has managed to lose his Rattata again!  He's asking for PokeMMO's players to help reunite him with his beloved. He is offering a generous reward to the player who submits a Rattata with the highest IVs.


rattata_ranger2 Rules

  1. All entries will have the IVs added together and the one highest overall total will be declared the winner. 
  2. All entries must be submitted to participating staff members by linking them in whispers. After the hour is over, players have 10 minutes to submit their entries. 
  3. Hatched Pokemon do not count.
  4. The entry that you submit MUST be your OT and have been caught in the 1 hour period designated.
  5. Only one entry per player, once you have submitted an entry you are not allowed to change it, so think carefully before deciding. 
  6. In the case of a draw, the winner will be decided by who has the earliest catch time.


rattata_ranger2 Date: Friday 24th March

rattata_ranger2  Time: Catching time starts at 5pm EDT | 9pm GMT until 6pm EDT | 10pm GMT - any Pokemon caught outside of this time will not be valid.

rattata_ranger2 Location: The results will be announced next to Viridian Pokemon Centre, Channel 7


First Prize


Shiny Gift Rattata

Your choice of nature, two moves, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs 

(Customisable for Hidden Power)


1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1000 Reward Points


Second Prize

500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points


Third Prize

300,000 Pokeyen OR 300 Reward Points 


Fourth Prize

200,000 Pokeyen OR 200 Reward Points 

Hosted by: Noad | Assisted by:TheChampionMike, Yohannovich, Pereiraa

Shout out to past staff members who hosted the first Rattata Rescue


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