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Finding Soul Mates! #2 (Friday 3rd March)


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Event Description:

Professor Oak needs your help; according to him, there are too many pokemon in danger of being extinct! Help him find a male and female of each kind so their species can be saved!


Date & Time:

Date: Friday 3th March

Time: 8pm CET || 7pm GMT || 2pm EST



Kanto Daycare, 4 Island, Channel 7



400,000$ per round



 Event information will be broadcast over Channel chat.

 There will be 5 rounds in which a Pokemon's species and nature will be given by the event host. Players will then search for and capture a Pokemon of each gender (Male and Female) that fit the requirement, and the first to link both of them at the same time will be the winner of that round. The winner of a round with receive 400,000$ for their help.

 Pokemon must be obtained after the required Pokemon is revealed in chat.

 Any attempts to cheat will result in disqualification.


Host: Yohannovich


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