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Stop shiny gifts, hi comp gifts colors



Bla bla bla, I'll show you a pic as an exemple cuz I'm lazy to explain, then i'll list pro/cons.




If you still dont get it, the point is to create a 3rd color, to have the gifts shinies and caught shinies differencied.

See pro/cons for "why".


Pro :

New color is cool.

Make different rewards for different achievements (shiny hunting and winning tournaments are not same skill)

Stop all those value problem, that unallow staff to gift some pokemon.

-> Comp Gifts may be gifted regarding the tier, the usage, and not the "encounter rate" or the "ingame $ value".

-> Recently rare shiny gifted dont affect the tradeable shinies value anymore.

Shiny Hunting now makes sense.


Cons :

May be hard to code ? Idk ?

Some work on making the new colors at the start.

May offend pvp players who prefer original shiny ?

Tell me if you see more.




Well, the most important is to break the value relation between gifts and caught shinies.

This is good for the caught shinies, having more stable value.

This is also good for the gifts, being able to be gifted regarding usage and not non-gift value.

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