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2 hours ago, Darkshade said:



2 hours ago, Ruak said:



2 hours ago, Yohannovich said:



2 hours ago, RacheLucario said:

I hate to be a party Wooper, but this isn't a hint - I always sign my work.


2 hours ago, Munya said:

I don't get it, you should have the best sense of humor ever, I mean, steelix is your favorite pokemon.


yo, were dem officials at?

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Just now, Flavawhat said:

did you just shamelessly steal gunts pun for likes

i wanted to tag him in iot but i thought it would be too much, i wanted to steal his likes without him noticing 

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I'm excited. I've always hoped they would come out with Johto, sometime.

It is one of my favorite regions to play. : )

Other than that, I guess we'll see, huh?

Looking forward to it!


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Good evening PokeMMO, I would like to make an announcement. Due to the possibility of a new region, I plan on completing Kanto on my Roy Rogers Walkthrough channel. My co-host is really busy in real life, but I am trying to catch him. Mario shows no interest in the project, so I plan on replacing him. If Sinnoh arrives before I am done, I am going to have to cover Sinnoh first (on my news channel instead of my walkthrough channel like how I covered Hoenn).


Lets keep the hype going, have fun with your Garchamps and Infernapes!

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