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I don't particularly care if you guys are really attached to Gen 3 for whatever reason. It's not going anywhere. You can go sit in Viridian & spam LF 6V6 TORNEO whenever.   Yeah, we ca

Words cannot express my disappointment.

2 hours ago, Elkaroo said:

One time a guy came to the support section to help get his game running on a computer from the late 90's. Asked kyu if it was even worth trying to update drivers, he said to tell him to but to warn him it may not work.  It bricked his computer and he cam back on his phone to complain.   


"¯\_(ツ)_/¯   we warned him  "  was the official response.

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Well that's my post for the year.



Are you back from the dead or it's just an April fool's thing?

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Someone already realized a long time ago in the anime of ash doing his adventures in unova had an episode in which he had to cross a bridge and in that bridge had fogs there then appeared a psychic poke and I disrupt the ash to pass in the bridge of fog then means that G5 confirmed OO to the surprise that they had not thought about it

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6 minutes ago, Desu said:

wow u r so smart mr holmes-san.

thank you




It's not like I didn't guess every single possibilty, right? >.> <.<

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1 hour ago, awkways said:



^For anyone disappointed that this wasn't what they were hoping for, there is still hope for you.

I still cry at Desu's insistence at my name being Gilian... He even changed it in game himself ;-;




I just realized that Kyu called me Gillan...


why are staff so mean to me ;-;

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