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I don't particularly care if you guys are really attached to Gen 3 for whatever reason. It's not going anywhere. You can go sit in Viridian & spam LF 6V6 TORNEO whenever.   Yeah, we ca

Words cannot express my disappointment.

30 minutes ago, Kyu said:

We've actually seen improved performance for 3D areas > 2D because the LibGDX backing is more optimized compared to our LWJGL2 live builds.


But, we have a special computer nicknamed "the shitbox" which runs a LGA775 E6300 w/ integrated graphics & 1G RAM we use for performance regression testing. So, please don't worry that we've forgotten you. We are aiming for the same hardware requirements.


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21 minutes ago, Kyu said:

I think this is shitbox v5 actually. I've killed 3 or 4 computers by testing this game on 10~15 year old hardware.


A guy also complained that we shattered his glass table because his laptop got too hot, back in 2013.

You should totally consider opening a locked thread with some stories like this. Could be a good read. 


I know the LYLE boys love story time with JJ, why not with Kyu?

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27 minutes ago, Takens said:

is it story time?

One time a guy came to the support section to help get his game running on a computer from the late 90's. Asked kyu if it was even worth trying to update drivers, he said to tell him to but to warn him it may not work.  It bricked his computer and he cam back on his phone to complain.   


"¯\_(ツ)_/¯   we warned him  "  was the official response.


Well that's my post for the year.



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4 minutes ago, Diano said:

the question is : will we have the B/W sprites for our characters...

my guess is that it's going to be a hastily thrown together rendition of Unova (could even just be a map of the word "Unova") that we can walk on. I wouldn't expect anything fancy.

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On 3/29/2017 at 1:27 PM, Gilan said:

Gen 6/7 confirmed next update. Just look at Kyu's prof pic. 3-D glasses. Obviously mean we are getting 3ds games!



I was freaking right about 3d lmao

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