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21 minutes ago, Darksofnt said:

This is just the golden gate bridge of san francisco ... 

it definitely is, it has the same amount of bars (4)

I think it might be from this shot https://californiabeat.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/fw3.jpg or this one https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/Fort_Point_under_the_Golden_Gate_Bridge.JPG


knowing what bridge it i doesn't really reveal much tho

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On 23/03/2017 at 3:42 PM, Toupi said:

Well you are for sure right that those are NOT the same bridges. However, this image could be made by Rachel but that does not mean she draw or painted it. Probably it's just edited photo of suspension bridge and all colors,contrast and fog was added by her. If this is edited photo then it cannot look like bridge from the game(it could be possible if game-bridge was inspired by real bridge) because she tweaked it to look like she wanted and does not add shape to fashion it into something else(it's like sculpting and painting difference).


Things does not need to look the same to point at each other. If Kyu would post a "New Generation" Topic with image of some mon/feature/move/ability from gen5, we would be quessing it's about 5th gen(even though he didnt say or show number 5 anywhere). Sneak peaks almost never show fully what they are "announcing". When developers or producers sneak peak something, they show only a silhouette or maybe some screenshot of yet unfinished product. They leave hints for community to spark an interest and let future users to discuss over it, share with friends/family and stuff. But they never show something obvious.


Bridge is probably only symbolic and does not to need to look like the one from the game. If gen5 is the case I doubt anyone will go extra mile to made them the same because it's not only a extra work but it also ruin a mystery "lol it's just this bridge from gen5, case closed, update when".


tl;dr; Im not saying it will be gen5 100%, but bridges does not need to be the same to point at gen5 or gen4 or whatever.


I feel that Sinnoh might be the region that is being considered. Due to a central game (Platinum) and the fact that the bridge is fogged up, it points to Sinnoh.



I considered many factors...


1. There is no "central Rom" for Gen 5 as stated earlier

2. It would be an easier transition due to people who want to see their followers.

3. Going back to the picture, its not the bridge that should be focused on. I would argue its the atmosphere around the bridge (the fog) which is addressed in Gen 4 by the introduction of the HM Defog.

4. The devs can technically cut out the legendaries in the storyline. I mean the devs are like Steve Jobs' clones, so I think they are up to the challenge.


Those are all the factors, maybe I am wrong. Maybe the devs are really into jumping to Unova. I am not in the room with the devs and even if I was, I would not divulge any secrets relating to this new gen.


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On 3/26/2017 at 4:54 AM, Heineken88 said:

Every time one of the mods or staff gives a so called "hint", this happens behind the scenes;

  Reveal hidden contents









I have been checking this thread constantly and I came to an objective conclusion. Your multiple humoristic intents are rather dull and forced. The lack of likes are a reflection of this fact.

Humor is better approached spontaneously. You are trying too hard.


It is time to stop! Sir.


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