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5 minutes ago, Jolyne said:

Just please don't make us rebreed everything again. ;_;

Depending on the generation, rebreeding might be giving Brave Bird to Dodrio, Skarm and Crobat, Aqua Jet to Azumarill, Nasty Plot to Crobat, Tailwind to Mantine, and Bullet Punch to Machamp, Medicham and Hariyama.

I've yet to analyze lower tiers or gen5 moves so yeah.


Edit: Also Rock Blast could be good on the offensive Cloyster

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23 minutes ago, Bishav said:

while i was browsing this thread (specifically reading kyu's post) something amazing happened 


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it's a sign, keep up the good work and go for the update (PTS first please though)

You enjoying the dxp weekend? Trying to get to 95 agility before it ends. at 93 right now.

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Just now, Gilan said:

You enjoying the dxp weekend? Trying to get to 95 agility before it ends. at 93 right now.


i bought sh feathers, they were going for 23K this like 12 hours ago, good xp. 

Good luck with that. Don't forget the extra 800K xp from empty throne room. Its a decent afk method



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Xatu has actually some pretty neat ideas, so don't see a point jumping on him just because some want to be Staff Pet/Bish (ya analogy to teacher's pet). I liked his idea of pvp area  where u can  have increased farming potential and etc. aside from the fact that he has been here longer and more loyal PokeMMo player than I have....not that I agree with entire list of his ideas or statements but that's what diversity is after all.... right?


I am also looking forward to new content, hopefully to satisfy ppl who want to have gen 3 pokes and moves DEVs will  implement tourneys where u can choose at what gen u  are agreeing to battle at, tho I don't see much benefit there since all will roll to best moves of all gens and  gen 3 tourneys will be like UU/NU vs OU tier now but I believe still for ppl who want just to have gen 3 battles this option should be available.



Now all promises and etc here 'see what we have in store for your... it will be awesome.. and etc' (just reworded but  saw it  written by official staff)... I really hope that u will not mess up here and won't be another politicians with empty promises...   I also want to see a SET date commitment: when we should expect new content and generation not  10 years after being brought out of blue.... saying 'well here is our promised content, remember back in 2017 we wrote about new gen.....' . (since we been waiting for like 3 years with 2 years of promises for new Gen and Dungeons)

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45 minutes ago, Kyu said:

We'd go straight to Alola if we could. Unfortunately, everything about the 3DS is a mystery, so that'll have to come later on.


Edit; As well as the 3D modeling of player characters means we'd have to redo all of our hats



So, that means that if you guys were going to update the

game today, it would be gen5, right?

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On 17/02/2017 at 5:44 PM, Kyu said:

This is not a Gen 3 game.


Edit; You might think that way, because that's all we could offer, but it was never the intention.

I was just concerned about the older player base who may want to come just for Gen 3. Personally, I kind of like some of the Gen 4 pokemon, so I can try to give Gen 4 a chance. I know I am changing my tune, but I feel that the devs know what their doing with this and I am not a dev. I wish the devs well in their Gen 4 implementation! Good Luck!



I feel that what I did is a teaching tool for the 2016 election. When you win/lose, you need to accept it. I had seen a lot of Hillary voters burning cars and breaking windows, so I do not want to be like that. I am going to accept my lose, unlike the people who took a violent turn. I am not quitting, instead, I am going to give Gen 4 a chance.


Thank you @Gunthug, @Vanozz, @suigin, @Toupi, @Gilan, @mmead and @Kyu for providing viewpoints countering mine, I really want an open discussion and I think we accomplished that goal. I am going to do my part and study up on Gen 4 pokes and the competitive move sets. I am fortunate to be in AURA because a lot of my team mates are familiar with Gen 4 pokes.


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