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Little Cup League #6 (Sunday 19th February)


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Welcome to the Little Cup League!

This is regularly run 6v6 Little Cup tournament, managed by myself. Please read the FAQs I have compiled below for further information.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Cup?

Little Cup is a battle format where players are limited to using only Pokémon that have not yet evolved but are capable of evolving. For example; Bulbasaur, Pidgey and Cleffa. All Pokémon used must be Level 5. 


What support is there for Little Cup in PokeMMO?

Since the recent update there is now official support for Little Cup in PokeMMO. This means that when Little Cup is selected in Tournament Mode all of the user's party are scaled down to Level 5. This means that as long as the Pokémon is in the Little Cup tier, you will be able to use it whatever level it is. Additionally, Little Cup tournaments can now be run in an automated tournament format.


Will there be regular changes to the ban list and who decides these changes?

This is a relatively new tier to PokeMMO, whilst there have been LC tournaments in the past there has been minimal attempts to establish it as a functional tier. Therefore as we move towards achieving this we can expect there to be changes to what we allow in the tier with regards to items and Pokémon. The Tier Council will be governing these bans but it is also down to the community to give their input to help maintain a successful tier.


Is the Little Cup League a Series?

No, this is not a series, rather a regularly run tournament. However, signatures made by myself will be provided to winners of the Little Cup League as memento of their win. Other Little Cup tournaments may also be run by other staff members.


How often will this be run 

I take a personal interest in Little Cup and would like to see this tier flourish, so I will be aiming to run this as often as I can - much like my Oceanic Tournaments.


Date and Time

Sunday 19th February

10pm GMT | 5pm EST 



Registration will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You will be able to register for a tournament on the top floor of a Pokemon Centre, through the battle PC. The PC you need is the one on the right, which I am standing in front of in the picture below. You can also register for the tournament by clicking the PvP menu option (Masterball icon on the bottom right of your client).



Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item

Tournament Clauses Explained


Little Cup Allowed Pokemon

Bulbasaur | Charmander | Squirtle | Caterpie

Weedle | Pidgey | Ratatta | Spearow

Ekans | Sandshrew | Nidoran M | Nidoran F

Vulpix | Zubat | Oddish | Paras | Venonat 

Meowth | Psyduck | Mankey | Growlithe 

Poliwag | Abra | Machop | Bellsprout 

Tentacool | Geodude | Ponyta | Slowpoke

Magnemite | Doduo | Seel | Grimer | Shellder 

Onix | Drowzee | Krabby | Voltorb | Omanyte

Exeggcute | Cubone | Koffing | Rhyhorn 

Horsea | Goldeen | Staryu | Magikarp | Eevee

Porygon | Kabuto | Dratini | Chikorita

Cyndaquil | Totodile | Sentret | Hoothoot

Ledyba | Spinarak | Chinchou | Pichu  

Cleffa | Igglybuff | Togepi | Natu | Mareep

Hoppip | Sunkern | Wooper | Pineco

Teddiursa | Slugma | Swinub | Remoraid

Houndour | Phanpy | Tyrogue | Smoochum

Elekid | Magby | Larvitar | Treecko | Torchic

Mudkip | Poochyena | Wurmple |  Lotad

Seedot | Taillow | Wingull | Ralts  |  Surskit

Shroomish | Slakoth | Nincada | Whismur

Makuhita | Azurill | Skitty | Aron | Electrike 

Gulpin | Carvanha | Wailmer | Numel | Spoink

Trapinch | Cacnea | Swablu | Barboach

Corphish | Baltoy | Lileep |  Anorith | Snubbull

Feebas | Shuppet | Duskull | Snorunt | Spheal

Clamperl | Bagon | Beldum | Zigzagoon


Banned Little Cup Pokemon








Banned Items

Berry Juice


Banned Moves

Dragon Rage

Sonic Boom

Baton Pass



First Prize


Shiny Gift Wailmer

Your choice of nature, two moves, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs


1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1000 Reward Point


Second Prize

500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points


Third Prize

250,000 Pokeyen OR 250 Reward Points 


Additional Notes

C9PFLoQ.png?1 Disconnecting during a match will result in a DQ (only applies if you fail to reconnect).

C9PFLoQ.png?1 Hosted by Noad

C9PFLoQ.png?1 Credit to my dear friend RacheLucario for providing the amazing artwork for this event.

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35 minutes ago, DoctorPBC said:

if anyone is looking to borrow some LCs I cant make this... gotta get that popularity up so hopefully someone who hasnt played this tier before


trusted individuals only ;)

please send me some LC comps with ground immunity

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