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[Sig] [Avatar] The boring arts.


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Feel free to ask me to make your signature or your avatar.

I ask you atleast 20k for one signature or one avatar.


Note : Well, I won't draw the avatars. I will make something like mine for example.


Signature template :



Text : 

Pokemon / Character : 

Background : 

Donation amount : 

Anything else : 


Avatar template :



Text : 

Pokemon / Character :

Donation amount :

Anything else : 


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7 hours ago, mayuuuuu said:

Text : mayuuuuu + SÄSS (team name)

Pokemon / Character : shiny aron

Background : anything that fits!

Donation amount : 40k?

Anything else : thanks in advance :>




7 hours ago, skyjuju said:
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Text : skykiwi + Atnm (team name)

Pokemon / Character : shiny teddiursa

Background : in accordance with the shiny teddiursa

Donation amount : 50k or 100k if i like

Anything else : thanks :3


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