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[Pre-comp] E.V. Training Guide


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Hi ! I noticed you can find many EvTrain guide here in the Guide Tavern. Problem, but no one is updated, and complete.

This guide will be updated following every PokeMMO updates that may have changed the best way to EvTrain.


What is E.V. ?


E.V., aka Effort Value, is a way to optimize your Pokemon stats by training (defeating other pokemons).

Each Pokemon has a 510 e.v. pts count, that may be splitted in each stats (HP-ATK-DEF-SpATK-SpDEF-SPEED), with a 252 maximum per stat.

Everytime you defeat a Pokemon (except in PvP) you will earn e.v. pts, the stat depending on the pokemon you beat.

You can use the Pokedex to know which stat is given, for each Pokemon.


On the next parts of this guide, I'll show you the fastest way to earn e.v. pts, regarding the stat you need.

But first, let's see how effort value affect your Pokemon stats.


At level 50, which is here, the usual PvP level :

- Your stat will be increased by 1 every 8 e.v. pts.


- If your IV is odd, you will have one more stat by increasing your e.v. pts count by 4.


This way, 252 will only be needed if you have odd IVs. (252 = (31 * 8) + 4)


At level 100, your stat will be increased by 1 every 4 e.v. pts.


And here is an exemple to show you how e.v. is important regarding optimization :


Gyarados - Adamant - 31 i.v. ATK - 252 e.v. ATK


Level 50 ATK base stat : 130

31 i.v. ATK bonus : 15,5

252 e.v. ATK bonus : 31,5

Adamant bonus : 17


Level 50 ATK stat : 194


As you can see, e.v. bonus is bigger than i.v. and nature ones (and even more bigger than nature bonus when base stat is lower).


How to e.v. train ?


There are many ways to e.v. train.

The fastest way is to use sweet scent and AoE move to defeat hordes fast, and get many e.v. pts in a row.

You also can go for single encounters if you don't have sweet scent slave.

These two ways need an exp share on the pokemon you want to train.

Another way is to use the macho brace, leading with the pokemon you are training, and switching or using it in battles.


Then, you can use vitamins. Each viatmin increase a stat by 10 e.v. points. Here you can find which stat is related with each vitamin.


HP - HP Up

ATK - Protein

DEF - Iron

SpAtk - Calcium

SpDef - Zinc

Speed - Carbos

And, in case you failed your e.v. split, you can use e.v.reducing berries. Each berry will decrease a stat by 10 e.v. points.


HP - Pomeg berry

ATK - Kelpsy berry

DEF - Qualot berry

SpAtk - Hondew berry

SpDef - Grepa berry

Speed - Tamato berry


As AoE moves, using HyperVoice and Surf will be enought to beat every hordes.


For each stat, I'll give the most efficient place to EV. This will always be using sweet scent, as it's way faster than single encounter training.



Most efficient :

- Route 114 (100% Marill-Azumarill (6-9ev)).

Other spot :

- Desert Underpass (100% Whismur-Loudred (5-10ev)),

- Island 3 port (100% Dunsparce (5ev)).

Note on Desert Underpass : Be prepared to prevent Roar in case of shiny.



Most efficient :

-  Route 23 (100% Arbok (10ev), Primape-Mankey (5-10ev))

Other spot :

- Mt.Moon Tunnels (100% Paras (3ev)),

- Pattern Bush (50% Heracross (10ev)

Note on Route 23 : Arbok use intimidate, may be cool lead with Clear Body

Note on Pattern Bush : Heracross use Endure, makes ev training longer.


Most efficient :

- Kanto Victory Road (?90?% Onix-Graveler-Marowak (5-10ev), Sandslash (10ev))

Other spot :

- Route 21 (100% Tangela (5ev))

- Magma Hideout (100% Geodude-Graveler (5-10ev))

Note on Kanto Victory Road : Be prepared to prevent Explode in case of shiny.

Note on Magma Hideout : Be prepared to prevent Explode in case of shiny.



Most efficient :

- Pattern Bush (50% Beautifly (15ev))

Other spot :

- Lavender Tower (...% Gastly-Haunter (3-6ev))

- Lost Cave (...% Gastly-Haunter (5-10ev))

- Mt. Ember 3rd Room (100% Slugma (5ev))

- Island 2 Cape Brink (?60?% Psyduck-Golduck (5-10ev), Oddish-Gloom (5-10ev)

Note on Pattern Bush: Be prepared to prevent Whirlwind in case of shiny.



Most efficient :

- Icefall Cave, Surfing (100% Seel-Dewgong (5-10ev))

Other spot :

- Island 7, Surfing (100% Tentacool-Tentacruel (5-10ev))

- Battle Frontier, Surfing (100% Tentacool-Tentacruel (5-10ev))

- Memorial Pillar (100% Hoppip (5ev))



Most efficient :

- Island 7 (100% Meowth-Persian (8ev), Fearow-Spearow (8ev))

Other spot :

- Route 120 Cave (100% Golbat (6ev))

- Island 1 (100% Meowth-Persian (5-10ev), Ponyta-Rapidash (5-10ev))

- Island 5 (100% Pidgey-Pidgeotto (5-10ev), Meowth-Persian (5-10ev))

Note on Island 5 : Be prepared to prevent Whirlwind in case of shiny.


Also you can comment if you know some spot that are worth to mention !

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1 hour ago, Raederz said:

Kanto Victory Road (100% Onix-Graveler-Marowak (5-10ev), Sandslash (10ev))

We can found horde of machoke/machop ( 8 ev atk )


1 hour ago, Raederz said:


Other spot :

island 2 in grass is good too ( oddish/Gloom and psyduck/golduck 5-10 ev )


1 hour ago, Raederz said:


- Icefall Cave (50% Seel-Dewgong (5-10ev))

For dewgong/Seel jut surfing ( it's 100% )

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