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[PSL 7] Player Signups

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IGN: NataliaHeart

In-game Team: SASS

Timezone: EDT

Tier: PokeMMO OU, PokeMMO UU, PokeMMO NU, PokeMMO Doubles, Gen7OU Pokebank - No Preferred Tier

Fluff: I play lot of tier (just play). Even tho im bad: atleast I can keep the bench warm, emergency subs and fill ur heart with Love . SO PICK ME <3

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IGN: Linken

Timezone: GMT+1 (Berlin)

Tiers: Gen 7 (VGC), Gen 4, MMO OU, Doubles

Fluff: PSL veteran, still german, still a mew in disguise

Need pkmn for mmo tiers


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IGN: Sheroo
Tiers: OU Pokemmo

Team: Aura
Fluff: Small penis. Own 0 comps. Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Magnemite OTs in the last 5 days and currently hunting Shiny Bagon. Not worth even 2k ok thanks. 


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Ign: Gunthug

Timezone: CST

Tiers: DPP OU, Gen 7 OU if necessary

Fluff: most dpp wins in psl history, worst playoff w/l ratio in the universe. The first accolade will never change, but the second one? Draft me and find out 



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IGN: Zigh

Timezone: GTM+1 (active as hell)

Tiers: Pokemmo Doubles, [VGC fuk yes] (Preferred) /  Can play Showdown DPP OU and Gen7 Pokebank 

Fluff: This is my first PSL, and so, I see this event as the perfect chance to meet the community [Fuk, I´m too much excited ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ ]. Doubles is my fav tier, and hey, I dont suck at it :)  [Top 150 of VGC16 in Spain]

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Kek x2

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IGN : Kevola

Timezone : GMT

Tiers : Pokemmo OU (can do UU and NU but not as good)

Fluff : Incredibly good with typings and weaknesses and have a perfect understanding of spikes 

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