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WC Betting thread

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@yangsam still owes me 1.75mil

@Torinnnnn still owes me 800k

@xilias owes me 200k from LKrenz beating Guerinf

I owe @Kamimiii 1mil still


Bets I have with ppl

250k on PBJ beating Rendiz Taken by @TheChampionMike

300k on PBJ beating Rendiz Taken by @Bilburt


Bets with @DoubleJ

OU: Legendl vs AbdOu (50k) - @JIceJDragon

UU: overToasted vs EpicVerde (50k) - @JIceJDragon

NU: belieberboy vs DiDi - 25k - @JIceJDragon

Doubles: Zigh vs Lordofangmar - 100k - @JIceJDragon - JJ is Wins.

DPP: SoyHector vs XPLOZ - 25k - @JIceJDragon



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