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[PSL 7] HYPE Thread

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Made by eggroll



In the words of Queen Cersei Lannister, First of Her Name and Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms... "If you play the PokeMMO Super League, you win or you die". 


So Season 6 wasn't that bad, right? We had a biased host and an earthquake tore the community apart. A random won NU Player of the Season and Torinnnnn actually got playing time. We had some dope sigs and we handed out a lot of money. Well how about we do it again, shall we?


First and foremost a special thank you to the brave souls who hosted this event before me, ThinkNice, Gunthug, and OrangeManiac. The three of you probably scammed more money off the prize pool then I ever dreamed of. Just kidding of course, but for real... whatever happened to Season 3 ThinkNice? 


So, what is PSL? Well, it's the PokeMMO Super League, a knock-off of the Smogon Premier League, where we pit teams of competitors against one another for 9 or more grueling weeks hoping the whole thing doesn't implode. Managers will select players to duel on their behalf in several tiers ranging from PokeMMO OU to tiers found on Showdown... Gen 7 HYPE?


At this very moment the Manager Sign-ups thread has been posted and anyone can apply! I and my small council will be choosing managers who are dedicated and have shown that in the community. I'll likely ask Orange and Gunthug for some assistance in selection, but just know the top two managers from PSL 6 will be offered the chance to return in Season 7 to duke it out once more. This means there will be a minimum of six new teams joining the fold, if Kaynine's Baenines and the Caramello Komalas decide to give it another go. 


After that, I’ll put out the player sign-ups thread, where you’ll post your IGN, your timezone, and what tiers you can play. This is the part where the entire community throws their name into a hat with hopes that they get drafted and are able to compete throughout the PSL and prove they have what it takes to win. 


During the season, players will compete in one match per week, and they’ll have to communicate with their opponent to schedule when that match will take place.


While it’s nice for those with a busy schedule, it is imperative that you schedule and play your matches – don’t let your team down by failing to contact your opponent or being lazy and missing your match! If you do, well... there will be consequences. 



After the regular season, the top six teams in the standings will compete in the 2-week playoffs, with huge prizes for the winners. We've already gathered more than 50M in cash prizes!


Tentative Schedule:

Here’s a loose look at how things will shake out over the next few weeks:

Now: Donations Stage

1/9 to 1/15: Manager Signups and Selection

1/16 to 1/27: Player Signups and Auction

February: Weeks 1-4 / Midseason Auction

March: Weeks 5-8 

April: Playoffs


Of course this is all subject to change depending on how the coming weeks proceed.


There were a lot of changes to the PSL this last season, and many of those changes will be continued here. There were also a few changes and a few added, so please read the rules below. And also feel free to speak up if you don't agree with any! I might ignore you, I might not. 



The tiers chosen will be as follows: 

Jk, I'm not going to say the tiers just yet. But there will be 10 of them. 



So, what can you do for me now? Well, if you have ever played in, supported, or appreciated watching the PokeMMO Super League, feel free to make a donation!


Donations can be mailed in-game to "DoubleJJ", yes that's with two J's, with the Subject "PSL 6 Donation". 


The PokeMMO Super League cannot happen without adequate donations and I hope to reach the highest prize total ever this season, as it may just be my last. 


This is an incredible event and I am appreciative of the fact that I have been given the opportunity to host once again.


I pledge to stay bias free in any decisions that have to be made and to create a competitive environment for every player. 


Until then...



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Total Donations: 68,437,197  

  • Kimikozen - 11.8
  • Torinnnnn - 7M
  • yangsam - 5M
  • QPrime - 5M
  • DoubleJ - 4.3M
  • Greck - 4,021,183 (after posting fees)
  • BlackJovi - 2M
  • Eggplant - 2M
  • Gunthug - 2M
  • Parke - 2M
  • KaynineXL - 1.5M
  • Team Mr. - 1.5M
  • Lazaaro - 1.2M
  • Gilan - 1.1M
  • GeniVeni - 1M
  • Kriliin - 1M
  • LuisPocho - 1M
  • OrangeManiac - 1M
  • Tranzmaster - 1M
  • Rendiz - 1M
  • Sleepy - 1M
  • Summrs - 1M
  • Moetal - 1M
  • SpartacusGD - 1M
  • Dede - 700k
  • Mlhawk - 600k
  • Spaintakula - 600k
  • Aftershocker - 500k
  • NikhilR - 500k
  • Batman - 600k
  • overToasted - 500k
  • DoctorPBC - 499,999
  • Artemiseta - 400k
  • SirVector - 300k
  • Tryss - 500k
  • DarylDixon - 550k
  • Aimi - 251,000 + Bunny Ears (DoubleJJ stole them tho)
  • Roy Rogers Corporation - 232k
  • ElCoolio - 200,055
  • LegendP - 200k
  • Havsha - 200k
  • Walpayer - 200k
  • AQA - 150k
  • DebelStopJoukMe - 100k
  • Xasam - 100k
  • LucasCisneros - 50k
  • PSL 6 - 2968
  • GymLeaderGaryy - 46

Remember, any donation is helpful and gets us just that much closer to our goal of 20,000,000 yen to kick off the season. If we surpass our goal, I can award more to players and create rewards throughout the season as well. 



Reward Breakdown: Learn up. 

  1. Considering we have at least 50M in this season's PSL prize pool...
    1. The winning manager will receive 6M once again (at minimum)
    2. 2M will be awarded in total to our sigmakers
    3. 1M awards will be given to the following at the end of Week 7; these awards will be voted on by the managers (they can't vote for their own players)
      1. Best Overall Player
      2. Breakout Player of the Season
    4. A 1M award will be given to the following at the end of Week 7; this award will be voted on by the Team Captains (they can't vote for their own manager)
      1. Best Manager
    5. 500k awards will be given to the following; these awards will be voted on by the managers (they can't vote for their own players) 
      1. Best OU Player
      2. Best UU Player
      3. Best NU Player
      4. Best Doubles Player
      5. Best Showdown DPP OU Player
      6. Best Showdown VGC17 Player
    6. 1,800,000 will be awarded for the Preseason LC and Metronome tournaments
    7. It is at my discretion to hold any other events or prizes throughout this season, but the remaining funds will be awarded to the players of the winning team (2M minimum; midseason players will receive half pay)

*** The end of season awards will also be presented with signatures

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Rules: =)




The PSL host is the conductor of the entire event. Their responsibilities are endless and they are the final say in any decision. They organize every aspect of the PSL and ensure that rules are met, competition is adequate, and the event is fun for everyone involved. 


In order to be host, you should at the very least approach the prior hosts (ThinkNice, OrangeManiac, Gunthug, and DoubleJ) to ask for their blessing. ThinkNice is dead though, so ignore him. 


*** This will likely be my last season hosting since life is getting down right busy as I can ever imagine, so PSL 8 will be looking for someone else to step up. Well unless I turn into a masochist and go for a third round (unlikely). 

Small Council:


In PSL 6, Gunthug and OrangeManiac acted privately behind the scenes to help me with difficult decisions. This season, I will make a formal small council that is made public. Their role will be simple, they will vote along with the host to approve or deny trades, select managers, and force any bans. They will also be consulted on other decisions that are not clear cut, but outside of the the three things stated the host will have final say. 


Gunthug and OrangeManiac, as prior hosts, will have the first opportunity to position themselves on the small council. If either decline, I will hand pick someone else from the community to help. 

The Host + Small Council shall henceforth be referred to as D-O-G


A PSL Manager is the leader of their team and plays the most important role in the PSL. They will conduct the draft, determine a weekly roster, and motivate their players to succeed and stay excited to play week in and week out. They maintain the team's finances and they participate in the second draft at midseason. Any trades are made and accepted by the manager, and they only answer to the PSL Host. Managers need to ensure that their players follow the rules and are updated about any changes that might occur. They are also responsible for notifying the host of any necessary substitutions that need to be made. They also watch for possible inactivity by their players. All correspondence between the manager and the host should be made by personal message, so that it is documented. 
In essence, the manager has the most responsibility on their team. 
Keep in mind the following:
  • Considering they both finished in the finals last season, both Kizhaz and KaynineXL will be given the opportunity to manage a team in PSL 7.
  • There will be 8 managers this season and any new managers will be selected by myself, and my small council, after the manager sign-up period is over.
  • Managers are chosen on a largely subjective basis. For details read the ‘Manager Signups Information’ paragraph.
  • Managers are not allowed to play for their team in the PSL, it's either play or manage so choose wisely.
Lastly the manager has these responsibilities:
  • The manager shall send the host weekly rosters
  • The manager shall ensure to his/her best capabilities that every match will be completed by the deadline
  • The manager shall inform the host as to why a match failed to be completed in the event that one fails
  • The managers shall inform the host of any substitutions that need to be made
  • The manager shall inform the host of any attempts of cheating by his team or others
  • The manager oversees all trades involving their team
  • The manager oversees both drafts unless unable to be present, in which case the manager shall appoint someone to draft on their behalf
  • The manager shall name a team captain who shall act in their steed should they be absent

Team Captain:


A manager may select one player from their roster to be named "team captain". The team captain will be the point of contact for their team should the manager become inactive (please no). In real life issues happen and thus we need someone to take the reigns if the manager is no longer able to do so. 


Team captains cannot be released.


Team captains may submit a roster to the host for that week, conduct trades, and request substitutions. They may not release players, conduct a draft, or act as manager, unless the manager of their team explicitly says so. 



A player is someone who has registered to compete in the PSL in duels. They will signup using the PSL Player Signup thread prior to the start of the season and will be the 'rewards' in the draft/auction. Players will then represent their team and duel on behalf of their manager who will delegate which tier these players will compete in. 


It is the responsibility of the player to uphold their own integrity and be willing to compete throughout the entirety of the season despite whom they were drafted or purchased by, and for what ruling may be made against them. 



The preseason events will include the manager sign ups, manager selection, player sign ups, and draft/auction. Other events that might occur will be released prior to the start of the season, but will not be disclosed now. Any prizes for said events will be removed from the total PSL prize pool.

Preseason Trades:


Listed below are rules regarding the Top 16 picks in the draft and how managers may trade their position on the draft board to benefit themselves:

  • Picks 1-16 can be traded among the managers
  • These picks can be traded for a lesser pick + credits or for pure credits
  • The credits used will be deducted from your 100k credits awarded for the remainder of the auction (rounds three to end)
  • Once you have "confirmed" that you are a part of a trade, you cannot back out. 
  • The trade will be forwarded to the host and small council for approval once all members have confirmed
  • These trades will be reviewed and approved/denied by the host and the small council by unanimous decision
  • No manager may spend more than 35k prior to the beginning of the auction, meaning they must have at least 65k in credits remaining when round three begins (this is a safety net for anyone that might be dumb; number was based on the following, 25k for 1st round player, 10k for 2nd round player)
  • During the auction, trades will only be accepted during the first two rounds, meaning no trades can occur during the auction.
  • Any pick that has been used, meaning a player was selected, is no longer able to be traded. 
  • Players selected in the first two rounds can not be traded once they have been selected.

Manager Signups:


A thread will be opened that will explicitly state the rules involved in this process, but in summary players from the community will submit an application to participate as a manager for PSL 7. Once the application period has ended, the Host and his Small Council will select 8 players as managers for PSL 7 and a formal announcement will be made. 

Player Signups:


A thread will be opened that will explicitly state the rules involved in this process, but in summary players from the community will submit their names, favored tiers, and timezone for which they live. The players who sign up here, will represent the PSL player base and will be purchased in the draft to fill out the various teams. We're aiming for roughly 120 player sign ups, but a minimum of 100.

Preseason Draft/Auction:


The PSL Preseason Auction will be held over Team Speak in a private channel. Only managers and the host will be allowed voice and typing capabilities. All others present will be muted and act only as spectators. The draft will occur after Player Sign-ups are completed. The time will be decided by all managers and the host in order for full participation. 

  • The first two rounds in the auction will be made in a draft style format; meaning that the manager selected to pick may pick whomever he sees fit from the draft board and that player will be immediately added to his/her team. The first two rounds of the draft will be performed in a 'snake style' pattern, meaning the order will be reversed and the player who picked last, will pick first in the second round. 
  • The order of the auction will be announced at the beginning of the auction and will be determined by random chance
  • After the first two rounds, managers will be provided with 100k credits each
  • Once a manager is called, they will have 2 minutes to select a player from the draft list 
  • A manager may open the bid at 2k (minimum) or state a higher opening bid at the time of selection
  • Once a player is selected, other managers can bid on that player by manually typing their bid
  • A minimum outbid of 500 is mandatory, for instance a bid of 2k can be outbid by a 2.5k bid
  • Once a bid has been active without any other outbids for 20 seconds, that player will be awarded to the manager's team with the highest bid
  • This will be repeated in subsequent order as indicated at the beginning of the auction
  • Manager's must draft a minimum of 10 players, there is no maximum
  • A manager must keep a minimum number of credits to fill their roster; for example a manager's first bid may be 82k, leaving them 18k to select their remaining 9 players. Credits will be tracked by the host, but please help out as this can get messy with a live auction
  • Once a manager has drafted 10 players, they may "skip" their turn in the draft and no longer participate. Once they have announced this, their draft will be over and they can no longer draft any further players
  • A manager's credits will not be carried into the season; whatever is left at the end of the draft will be forfeited
  • Any player not drafted will be placed on a free agency list where manager's may spend credits on them to play beginning Week 2 and forward
  • There will be no retaining of players from last season to this season


No player can be drafted and purposefully benched. This is not respectful nor conducive to the PSL.

  • Managers caught purposefully benching a player will either receive a loss of credits and/or ban from future PSL events
  • Players will be released from their team immediately and placed on the free agents list


Notes heading into the auction: 

  • Intend on drafting a player for each tier, once you've secured a player for each tier, pick up subs to help bolster your roster in the event of inactivity
  • There is a lot of strategy to the draft, so new managers must be careful to not spend too much too early

Regular Season:


The regular season will consist of seven (7) weeks of competition where each of the eight (8) PSL teams will play one another in a best of ten series that will include multiple PokeMMO and Showdown tiers. Those tiers will not be announced at this time (suspense HYPE). The process of the regular season will be conducted as such:


Weeks 1-4: Competition

Intermission: Midseason Auction and other event(s)

Weeks 5-7: Competition


The regular season will commence approximately 1 week after the end of the Preseason Auction. Teams with the best records will move on to the playoffs to compete for the PSL Championships. 


The regular season is designed to be complex and involve many aspects of play, including trades, free agency, substitutions, etc. The PSL is modeled after Fantasy Football in America and will be conducted as such. 



A team's roster is a list of which players will actively represent that team in battles for the week, in their respective tiers.

  • A roster will be submitted at the end of week deadline (Sunday at 5pm PST), if the roster is not submitted the host will use that team's prior week roster
  • In regards to "positioning", players with more wins will qualify for a higher position in that tier. For instance, the player with the most wins on that team will qualify for OU1, while the player with the next most wins will qualify for OU2, and the player with the lowest win total will qualify for OU3. This is the same for UU1 vs UU2 and NU1 vs NU2. 
  • If two or more players have the same number of wins, they can play either position they are vying for. 
  • If a player is substituted into the line-up in OU1, OU2, UU1, or NU1, they will be exchanged into OU2, OU3, UU2, or NU2 if their number of wins are fewer than the player currently in that lower position. 


Any errors should be pointed out and corrected as soon as possible. 



Teams will be rewarded with 100k credits for the PSL Preseason Draft/Auction, once the auction is completed no credits will be retained.


At the beginning of week one, each team will be rewarded with 5k credits to use for trades, free agent pick-ups, or the midseason auction.


Further points will be rewarded as follows:

  • 2k for each team loss between weeks 1-4
  • 1k for both teams involved in a tie between weeks 1-4


These 'bonus credits' will be awarded in order to improve competition among PSL teams. Losing teams will be given credits to pick up free agents, improve their roster at midseason, or make trades. Credits can be traded. 


The credits system will be discontinued after Week 4 and the Midseason Auction, as there will no longer be a need for them.

Regular Season Trades:


Trades are an important part of the PSL and offer a sense of complexity that not only keeps the managers involved, but can also shake up the entire season. What is the PSL without a bit of drama? But anyhoos, here are the new rules involving trades:

  • Trades will be allowed from the end of the preseason auction until the end of Week 5.
  • Trades must be submitted by Friday in order to be approved by Sunday and use of those players in the following week.
  • Once a trade is submitted, the players involved may not be offered in another trade package.
  • A trade is submitted for approval when all involved managers are in agreement
  • A trade is submitted when one manager posts the trade proposal in the manager's PM thread and all other managers confirm their involvement
  • All submitted trades are final and cannot be redacted by the involved managers once they have confirmed. 
  • All approved trades will be activated for the following week.
  • All submitted trades will be voted on by the Host and his small council. A unanimous decision must be made for approval.
  • Trades will now have a credit cap. Any trade must be within 25% of the credits they were auctioned for. For example, an 8k player can only be traded for a player with a value between 6-10k. If there is a discrepancy between trade packages, the player offering less than the 25% limit will have to add credits to meet that limit. For example, if a manager offers a 4k player for an 8k player, that manager will have to add at least 2k credits to his package to receive the 8k player to get within the 25% margin. 
  • The package with the highest value in "players" will take priority in regards to the +/- 25% limitation. 
  • A manager may still trade pure credits for a player, but these trades are still limited by the rules above.
  • Drafted players and midseason players cannot be traded.

Free Agency:

  • Any player that was not drafted will be placed on a free agents list for the regular season
  • Managers may bid on free agents (minimum bid of 1k, outbid by 500)
  • After a period of 12 hours with no bids, that player will be placed on the team of the manager that bid on them
    • Free agents will be activated the week after they were picked up
  • Any manager that releases a player may not bid on that player in free agency, but all other managers may do so
  • A player selected from free agency in Week 1, will be made active in Week 2; in all other weeks free agents will be activated immediately upon being signed
  • Free agency will close at the end of Week 4, just prior to the midseason auction



The following will be the tiers for PSL Season 7:

  1. PokeMMO OU
  2. PokeMMO OU
  3. PokeMMO OU
  4. PokeMMO UU
  5. PokeMMO UU
  6. PokeMMO NU
  7. PokeMMO NU
  8. PokeMMO Doubles
  9. Showdown DPP OU
  10. Showdown PokeBank OU vs Showdown VGC17

Midseason Auction:


The midseason auction will be held over the forums for a period of 5 days. Players will sign-up one week prior to the auction. At the start of the auction, managers will bid on player using the credits they have earned from the beginning of the season and onward

  • A minimum bid will be 1k per player
  • Other managers must outbid by 500 credits
  • A player will be officially drafted when there are no outbids over a 12 hour period of time 
  • Drafted players will be eligible to play on Week 5
  • Midseason players can not be traded


  • The playoffs shall consist of a 6-team single elimination bracket with appropriated seeding from the regular season
  • The top two (2) teams will receive a bye in Rd 1
  • If any potential playoff team is tied after 7 weeks of play, the following will decide seeding:
    • The team that beat the team they are tied with in the regular season will have the higher seed
    • If both teams tied during their regular season match, their Players Wins For and Against will determine seeding
    • If they are still tied, a sudden death match will be conducted as described below
  • Any ties in the playoffs shall result in the following:
    • Each team will compete in three tiers, one being OU and the other two selected by each manager
    • The two teams will then nominate players to duel in each of the named tiers, a different player must play each tier
    • Those two teams will then play in those 3 tiers to determine who advances
  • The PSL Champion shall be crowned after the completion of the finals match



Managers may not appeal a ruling once the host and his small council have made a decision. All managers and players will be given time prior to the host's decision to state their case. 

Difficult decisions, or decisions that involve the host's team, will be referred to or assisted by the small council. The host will always have final say. 



As a participant in the PSL, you will maintain respect for your host, manager, teammates, opponents, and yourself at all times. Any excessively inappropriate behavior will result in disciplinary action. Considering this though, a little trash talk never hurt anyone. Just don't be stupid about it.


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Managers: They're Here!


  1. KaynineXL - VALE
  2. TheFireLion - The Outraging Lions
  3. Gbwead - Top Kecleons
  4. SpartacusGD - Spartan Warriors
  5. Torinnnnn - Kakuna Matatas
  6. EricTheGreat - [MISC] Aesthetics Crew
  7. Elcoolio - The Human Caterpie
  8. Giantpipe - Giant Legends
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2 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

1M awards will be given to the following at the end of Week 7; these awards will be voted on by the managers (they can't vote for their own players)

2 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

A 1M award will be given to the following at the end of Week 7; this award will be voted on by the Team Captains (they can't vote for their own manager)


2 hours ago, DoubleJ said:

500k awards will be given to the following; these awards will be voted on by the managers (they can't vote for their own players)


I think the whole community should vote, not just a handful of selected people.

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