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Find your Slim Shedy

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Hi guys ! As the last guide of the year, I wanted to make this Shedinja Fun-Guide.

People love shedinja, people hate shedinja, here I will show you how to make it as cool as possible !


How to catch your Shedinja



Step 1 :


First, you need to get you a Nincada. You can find it Route 116 in Hoenn, in the grass, as any other wild pokemon. Just get you one, and go step 2.

Make sure you read the whole guide before going to catch it, making sure you know which Nin's you should evolve, and which are trash





Step 2 :


Once your Nincada is caught, go level it up, and evolve it.

Nincada evolves to Ninjask, but, in order to get your Shedinja, you have to satisfy two conditions :

- Keep a free slot in your team when Nincada evolves. So Shedinja can pop in it.

- Bring a pokeball in your bag. Because Shedinja need a house to live in. It must be a Pokeball. GreatBalls and stuff won't work.


Shedinja Values


There are many values you must check, to make sure your shedinja is worth to use (I mean, more than another Shedinja).

Individual Values, Effort Values, and Nature.

The main thing you must keep in mind is that Shedinja don't care about HP, DEF, and SpDEF values.

Shedinja will always be locked on 1Hp. Making HP IV and EV useless.

Then, DEF and SpDEF are obviously made useless from that 1HP fact.

If a move hit you, you will never reduce it under 1 by having a great DEF.




So, there are only 3 values you may want to maximise, ATK, SpATK, and SPEED.

And, as we usualy do on most of the pokemons, choosing between Physical and Special ATK will reduce the choice to only 2 values to care about.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Individual Values :


Shedinja can't be bred.

The only way to control your Shedy's Individual Values will be praying to the RNG god.

Today, I'll be your RNG Priest, and reveal secret numbers DarylDiRNG god whispered me.


Every 5000 Shedinja, you will find :

Approximately 250 Shedinja with 25+ in both individual values you care about (SPEED/ATK or SPEED/SpATK)

In this 250 Shedy-Master Sample, you will find :

Approximately 80 Shedinja with 28+ in both individual values you care about.

And in this 80 Shedy-Elite Sample, you will find :

Approximately 5 Shedinja with 31 in both individual values you care about.


That makes a lot of nincada to catch, and a lot of evolve to manage if you want to find one of these five Shedy-God.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Effort Values :


Well, if you only care about 2 values, the split will be easy to do.

Just go 252 on both effort values you care about.

You will find many EV locations guides on this forum. You also can hire an Ev Trainer. Hue.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Nature :


I know a lot of "wild comp hunters", and every wild comp they show me have the same problem.

It's not that rare to have a wild pokemon with comp IV (25+'s) when you catch all day long. But the nature ..

Even while using syncro, caring about the nature make your "wild comp" rate highly decreased.

But hey ! We're talking about Shedinja ! There's a tip many players don't know. Even if Shedinja has is own Individual Values, it keeps the same nature as the Nincada you used !

So.. When you will catch your Nincada's, only keep the ones that have a nature you may like.

And regarding Shedinja has many useless values, a lot of natures are cool to use. Let's make a list.


Speed+ Natures


Jolly (if you don't care about SpAtk)

Timid (if you don't care about Atk)


Atk+ Natures





SpAtk+ Natures







Shedinja Moves


Shedinja has an huge moveset. But be carefull, it contains a lot of trap-card you don't want to activate.

Keep in mind that your Slim Shedy only has one HP, here I'll list all the move that may be fatal to your favorite pokemon.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Dangerous moves :


- Sandstorm

As Shedy isn't Rock, Ground, or Steel-Type, he'll just get killed by the first grain of sand he will meet.


- Double-Edge

Because 1-1=0.


Shedinja also has moves that will never be as usefull as they are supposed to be.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Prank moves :


- Harden

As I said, useless values.


- Bide

The eh kblz aklhm alk fmagvbhjk.


- Substitute

Just fails. Well, it's a good way to make Smeargle sketch it tho.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Semi-Prank moves :


- Leech Life.

Because you can't stack HP.


- Giga Drain



- Rest

At least it makes you able to use Sleep Talk.


- Endure and Protect

Just has the same effect. Using one make the other fail-able.


Then, I'll list the moves that are "legit" to use regarding the whole moveset.

The best of each type, for both special and physical Shedy, and the non-prank-utility moves.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Physical moves :


- Metal Claw

Steel-Type move.


- Aerial Ace

Flying-Type move.


- Return

Normal-Type move


- Thief

Dark-Type move.


- Secret Power

I don't know the secret yet.


- Facade

Switch in when you predict T-wave.

(Prankster playz)


- Dig

Ground-Type move.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Special moves :


- Silver Wind

Insect-Type move.


- Gust

Flying-Type move.


- ShadowBall

Ghost-Type move.


- Hyperbeam

Normal-Type move. The best move.


- Sunnyday + Sunnybeam

Grass-Type move.


- Gigadrain

Grass-Type move.


- Hidden Power

Hope you can get a good one. A good one would be .. Well nevermind.


http://www.pokepedia.fr/images/2/2e/Sprite_4_dm2_292.png Utility moves :


- Swagger

People used to cry when you use it.


- Spite

Have you even won a battle by Struggle-forcing ?


- Trick

Always been a cool move. Hope you don't get a LifeBall.


- Mimic

Well, I'm not sure for this one.


- Toxik

If you really want to play Shedinja, I don't need to explain you what toxik means.


- Grudge

When you're skilled enought to predict you get rekt.


- Confuse Ray

If they're not confused enought once they noticed you do play Shedy.




Shedinja Weakness


If you want to be the best Shedinja trainer, you must know your own weakness.

Shedinja is all about Wonder Guard.

You will only get rekt by :


Fire-Type moves.

Rock-Type moves.

Ghost-Type moves.

Dark-Type moves.

Flying-Type moves.


Poisoning Moves.

Burning Moves.





Once you're sure none of these can be used by your opponent (trust me it happens really often. hue.) then, just switch Shedy in, and let people call you god.


Shiny Shedinja


Then, Shedinja is one of the only pokemon that are not found yet as their Shiny version !


Hope you liked this pranguide,


Shiny Shedy


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Nice and informative guide. I hope that they tweak the iv mechanics in the future because it's shit as fuck to depend on RNG.


just a prank bro

Edited by Bishav
for good luck

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11 hours ago, Raederz said:

Shedinja Weakness


If you want to be the best Shedinja trainer, you must know your own weakness.

Shedinja is all about Wonder Guard.

You will only get rekt by :


Fire-Type moves.

Rock-Type moves.

Ground-Type moves.

Ghost-Type moves.

Dark-Type moves.

Flying-Type moves.


Poisoning Moves.

Burning Moves.




also recoil

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13 hours ago, Raederz said:

Shedinja Weakness


If you want to be the best Shedinja trainer, you must know your own weakness.

Shedinja is all about Wonder Guard.

You will only get rekt by :

Ground-Type moves.


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annyone beat this monster?



On 31/12/2016 at 10:19 AM, Raederz said:


Don't forget leech seed and confuse are dangerous

Edited by Thunderprime

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On 19/04/2018 at 1:33 AM, GyaraDDoS said:

First try.



Well the farming part of the guide is now outdated since we got



Shedinja may no longer breed

  • Shedinja will now inherit 3 random IVs from the Nincada which it spawns from
  • Shedinja's movepool has been updated to include both Nincada's and Ninjask's moves
  • Shedinja will now inherit hatch moves from Nincada during creation


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