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[Tutorial] Sleepy's Tutorials | Finished

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If you have any questions, PM me and i will gladly help out!



Shit Name Inc. used in the Tutorial




C4D 1,2


Final Product








Edited by Sleepy
added tutorial

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17 hours ago, Sleepy said:

Okay i went through and made the sig, gonna put together all the steps w/ writing in a nice and tidy picture :))

Post your results in this thread and ill add them to the third Post

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16 hours ago, Ploegy said:

@Platoons told me to do this, but I'm so bad at follow tutorials and had to add my own touches. Oops?


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Ignore my shit text it's almost 4 am and I gave up on it


Looks great, and the tutorial is sorta just a shove in a direction.  The extra touches are what make it your own and unique

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