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Name : Suneet

Team Tag (If you want): RISE

Characters/Pokemons : Infernape

Background (If you want any): Some fiery kind, I'm not good with this kinda stuff, would you be able to choose one for me?

Additional things (if you want too): Animate if possible, but if not, np. If I like it , I'll donate

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Name : Legend

Team Tag (If you want): Aw

Characters/Pokemons : Sasuke Uchiha

Background (If you want any): anything u want

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Name : xVolvagiax

Team Tag (If you want): RÑG

Characters/Pokemons : Scizor

Background (If you want any): Surprise me

Additional things (if you want too): 

I wanna see if you can do better than this sig (If not I'll still enjoy it, just curious)


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48 minutes ago, AlitoFernando said:



Other renders were shit,i found the best one so far,when shall we start the coaching ?

i like it :)

whisper me ingame for the dankest how to wall the shit out of it coaching. doesnt make u win against frags, but ud have 0 chances anyway.

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Name : Shallos

Team Tag (If you want): RISE

Characters/Pokemons : Scyther

Background (If you want any): Just go with what looks good with scyther




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5 hours ago, LifeStyle said:

I'll coach you, already done coaching gbwead anyways

1st mon you should use is shed hull Chansey, we will figure the other 5 later just inbox me for all the info xoxo Ciao.

for the 5 others,i advice you to take 4 mons who can sweep on rain,and a trapper,10/10 no cancer.

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