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[PSL 6] Playoff Finals

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6 hours ago, JIceJDragon said:

So I did the math cuz im asian


so if Baenines win than

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KaynineXL receives 6mil

Each player receives 3.52mil except for LucasCisneros who receives 1.76mil... basically somewhere around there

if Carmello wins than

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Kizhaz receives 6mil 

Each player receives 3.22mil except for Dreico who receives 1.07mil... basically somewhere around there


How about players who went 0-4 then didn't even bother reading their team PM afterwards? Why would they get same amount of cash like the ones who been here since day 1? 



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9 hours ago, BlackJovi said:

Baenine's Canines (7) vs Caramello Komalas (3)

OU: DoubleJ vs Schuchty (Will the real JJ please stand up)

OU: Torinnnnn vs Yangsam (Rip Torr)

OU: LucasCisneros vs Dreico (Lucas #1)

UU: Guerinf vs NikhilR (Nikbrah got something to prove)

UU: DestructX vs SejuaniSupport (ez)

NU: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL vs timwaps (Yubel might've gotten first rounded but he ain't losing this)

NU: GymLeaderGaryy vs LifeStyle (Gayry is bad)

Doubles: JIce vs Imabetheverybest (Idk) 

ADV: Tranzmaster vs Tyrone (Tyrone is worse than tranz tbh)

DPP: Raaidn vs Oltan (Lol, > oltan winning)


My predictions


Also LF starplayer @Kanzo bro what happened bro? 

Is all part of strategy i am playing this week dont worry. We trying to see where our weak position is. Then i come help that position to a100% secure win. 



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Time for my first ever prediction set



Baenine's Canines (6) vs Caramello Komalas (4)
OU: DoubleJ vs Schuchty
OU: Torinnnnn vs Yangsam
OU: LucasCisneros vs Dreico
UU: Guerinf vs NikhilR
UU: DestructX vs SejuaniSupport
NU: GymLeaderGaryy vs LifeStyle
Doubles: JIce vs Imabetheverybest
ADV: Tranzmaster vs Tyrone
DPP: Raaidn vs Oltan


Huh, this is fun. Gotta do it for S7 onward.

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