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[Tutorial] Signature Guide by Startear . Added Way to Make Animated Signature ^w^

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~ Hello Everyone , Im Startear :)

Anyone like to make Signature for yourself ?

Alright ! . It's easy and fast if you watched this tutorial .





Step 1 : Download Background Image . Some Key Words to Search : Wallpaper , Scenery , Background , Abstract .

Note : You should choose Big Size Image to have A Good Quality Signature . 



Step 2 : Download Main Character with Transparent ( Google Image > Search tools > Transparent )



Step 3 : Access Befunky.com . It's A Design Website .

Upload Your Background Image .



Step 4 : Resize Your Image to get Better Scenery , lol - [ You can skip this step ]



Step 5 : Crop Your Image for 496x196 ( If you want make Signature 500x200 ) . We will be spared to make the frame .



Step 6 : Add Layer ( Add your Main Character ) to Background Image . 



Step 7 : Resize Your Character to fit with Background Image .



Step 8 : We will Remove Unnecessary Things in Character Image 



Step 9 : Add Text to Your Signature ^w^



Step 10 : Choose Font , Size , Color of Your Text :) - [ Useless Step ]




Step 11 : Add Frame Your Image

First . Save Your Signature and Open It Again ( It's important )

Choose Frames > Borders .

Choose Outer & Inner Thickness is 4 . Outer & Inner Color is Same .



Step 12 : You Completed Your Signature \o/

Is it very Kawaii ? xD








♦ Step 1 : Download Animated Image . Choose Image - Type : " Animated " .



♦ Step 2 : Access http://www.online-image-editor.com/ . It's Useful to Edit File Gif ( Animated ) .

Upload your Animated Image ( .Gif



♦ Step 3 : Is it Big ? " Crop " It ! Choose  Basics - Crop . Move Red Rectangle to Crop Your Image

If you add border for it . You should decrease a little for Width and Height . 



♦ Step 4 : If you want to add border for your image . Choose Basics - Add Border ( you can skip this step if you don't want a border )

You can choose Type , Width , Color for Border :)



♦ Step 4.5 : You don't like normal border ? There is an option to add another is Round Border ( Skip this step if you don't like a Round Border )

Choose Basics - Round Corners . Border Width should as same as Border Width of Step 4 .



Completed Animated Signature . If you want add a text for Animated Signature 

You should continue read util last step :)

♦ Step 5 : Open https://www.befunky.com/create/ 

You can use one of That Website or Any Image you had .



♦ Step 6 : Crop it become smaller ( My choice is 400x200 )



♦ Step 7 : Choose Background . After Choose Transparent ( This is Important One )



♦ Step 8 : Choose Add Text . You can choose Each Word to Edit .

- Scale : Size of Font

- Spacing : The Distance between each Letter




♦ Step 9 : Save It ! It will be used like Overlay .



♦ Step 10 : Come Back Main Website - Choose Wizards - Overlay Image . Open Your Overlay and Move it to suitable position



♦ Step 11 : Save It ! And Upload It for http://imgur.com/ . You completed Your Animated Signature . Congratulation ! ^^~



~ ♦ Result ♦ ~


How you think Animated Signature ? .

If you feeling like to make one for yourself ^w^ .

Let's Do That ! Itadakimasu ;) .


 Some Warning For Animated Signature 

  • Your Signature must be smaller 2 Mega Bytes ( It will become .vgif file If it's bigger 2 Mega Bytes . And It won't show on Forum [ Only Accept .Gif ] ) .
  • Your Animated Image can't Resize because It will break your Animated .
  • You can use An Animated Image as An Overlay .


► Some Tutorial In The Future ◄

  • Theme .
  • Signature Advanced .
  • Music Mods .


♥ You feel like this tutorial ? Well , Im not good at English so this my best English xD .

Thank for Reading :"> .


Edited by Startear

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7 hours ago, Startear said:


Im interested on Text Fonts. Anything u can suggest that are cute?

EDIT: List it for me thanks :3

Edited by InfiniteHeartz

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good tutorial for some quick and easy signatures for beginners.but i think better use adobe photoshop or illustrator.. you can design and manipulate images more better on using that softwares.


but for me. i prefer to use GIMP because i think its more easier to use...and its free :)

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Can some edits be made here, because I feel like there is a crucial step missing, with all due respect of course!? 


I make art as a form of my living elsewhere, it's cool to see people editing all this art/concepts together for these rad signatures, but remember to LINK these images you guys are using. You went through all these steps, but after going through it twice I didn't even see you link the stuff you used in your tutorial (though I'm a knob and I might have skimmed by it). Obviously even if artists "don't like you using their content" like this, they can't expressly stop you every single time without "finding you" in the vast internet, then filing a DMCA which is more hassle than it's worth. Such is the way of the vast and powerful amalgamation that is "the internets" and they generally know that, however linking back to the sources you're using allows other people to appreciate it :"D. Especially if they want to, god forbid, follow the blog/user/tumblord/etc and possibly donate a dollar or two.


It may rustle a few jimmies, but a fair number of you charge for your efforts to make these signatures and slap them together, but not necessarily noting where you're getting all the content you're using which kinda bites the hand that feeds so to speak :"). It's kinda important and super worth supporting the folks that make the assets you're using. They're the kinda the type of folks makin the game we're all enjoying and it's worth making sure the art folks are finding is getting resourced and proper bumps like it deserves! No hate or anger, this is a great step by step, but it's equally important we like, hold each other up as art bros. 


Link sources, they are really important and pretty stuff is worth sharing. ESPECIALLY for a tutorial. 

Edited by shdowspryte

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I can't seem to figure out HOW to add it to my signature. Where can I go to even edit my currently non-existing signature... D;

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