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[PSL 6] Week Seven

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1 minute ago, Kurodashi said:

Aye focuspunch woulda fucked lax, also my last was magneton I think I didn'T reveal it, wouldn't have done that much tho

well i mean the match would have been played out differently. after the lax freeze i had to make allin plays like toxic flygon hoping u'd predict or smth so i don't know.


The plan was to let flygon come in on your earthquakes and rockslides  and then sub to toxic swampert which i knew u'd run (hence grass jirachi and grass zapdos)


The snorlax was a 4 attacking move lax with selfdestruct to act as a pseudo special wall, the milotic the counterpart defensive wall with surf/ice beam/toxic.


And then the jirachi as setup/wish pressure.


Of course the win condition was competely gone when my lax died.

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