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Gen6 base stat enchancements



I know it was suggested 3 years ago but... well it was 3 years ago.


I would like to suggest a base stat update for gen6 standards. I belive it might broaden the list of viable comps hence most of the pokes that get the boost are pretty much useless. I'll save you the hassle and list them here:



Butterfree: +10 Satk

Beedrill: +10 Atk

Pidgeot: +10 Speed

Pikachu: +10 Sdef

Raichu: +10 Speed

Nidoqueen: +10 Atk

Nidoking: +10 Atk

Wigglytuff: +10 Satk

Vileplume: +10 Satk

Poliwrath: +10 Atk

Alakazam:+10 Sdef

Victreebel: +10 Sdef

Golem: +10 Atk

Ampharos: +10 Def

Bellossom: +10 Def

Azumarill: +10 Satk

Jumpluff: +10 Sdef

Beautifly: +10 Satk

Exploud: +10 Sdef


I think that those boosts won't crush our metagame at all, quite the opposite in fact, it will make some pokes more viable than they are right now.



Well it has to be done someday right?

Increased viability of mentioned pokes

Azu really needs that satk boost



Risk of shaking the meta (worth it, no risk, no fun)


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I'm gonna be that guy, and say that this should be implemented once we have:
Gen4-7 moves.
Gen4-7 tms.
Gen4-7 items.
Gen4-7 Abilities.
Gen4-7 Pokes.

I mean if we can get gen7 base stats, then wynaut get them moves / abilities / and tms as well ?

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update movelearns what appear at the pokedex and cant be done (agilty krabby [shards tutors..]) to other moves who already are in the game but pokes cant learn (wow arca, twave pig..). Update moves damage (outrage leech life..).  Same w abilitis (cloro venu..) 


Modify data whos already on the game dont add pokes. Gen 7 just came update somethin pls

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