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On 10/12/2017 at 5:11 AM, DaftCoolio said:

yall over thinking it, shit gonna be lit

Duh, just because something is recycled does not mean it is not good lol..


On 10/11/2017 at 7:10 PM, DoubleJ said:

I'm certainly worried about that too... I have hope Disney about to do us right. 

They will, despite just giving us a recycled plot the last movie.. Regardless of that, Disney usually does well! They stopped Marvel from further ruining more comics w/ the shit movies they were producing, they did great w/ the first 3 pirates movies (ruining them w/ unnessecary sequals) & the live action beauty & the beast was fuckin phenomenal. But the recycled plots isn't something limited to Disney, it is something all modern day movies are doing, like IT for example, horrendous I hated that, point is that has nothing to do w/ Disney!



Pls merge mods

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I saw the Last Jedi two days ago..BEST Star Wars movie so far in my opinion!


I will wait another week or so before posting anything spoiler related.


Edit: I also have things that I disliked about the movie, but overall I enjoyed it so much. After really processing everything I had seen, I ended up loving it more and more.

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I can understand why some people are disappointed/hate the new movie. There are parts that I really didn't like as well, as matter of fact, my all-time LEAST favorite star wars scene/moment is in The Last Jedi, but it also had some of my favorites. Star Wars is so iconic and is loved by so many people that we have huge expectations and tend to pick apart the little things that might not normally bother us. I've been reading a lot of reviews and hearing a lot of peoples opinions and to be honest, most of the stuff I've been hearing is kind of petty(in my opinion). I would love to go more into depth, and I will, but I want to wait a little while longer so I don't spoil anything for anyone. (Not even tempting anyone with spoiler :P)


My initial reaction to movie left me with an uncertain feeling. I know I had enjoyed the movie, but I really had to sit down and process what I had just watched. I pieced together all the little details and thought of the information that wasn't just flat out given to us, that we the audience had to figure out ourselves. I realized how much I fricken loved the movie afterward, regardless of the not so great parts.

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On 12/17/2017 at 11:48 AM, Ronax said:

I saw the Last Jedi two days ago..BEST Star Wars movie so far in my opinion!

THIS is why your not a mod anymore. 


saw it, hated it, wish disney would stop existing and someone would make the thrawn trilogy, new jedi order, crisis at cordellia, republic commando, ect series into movies. who cares if you read the books or had spoilers, the content is amazing.


legit spoilers

even luke himself said he would never kill his nephew on a vision. complete betrayal of the character and all the movies before it. on top of that you have tons of bullshit like "we cant track hyperdrives" when its established that ships can calculate where a ship jumped based off its previous position and direction. the counter measure to this is jumping to lightspeed then coming out and immediately jumping again several times. on top of that it was established that transmitters can both track ships through hyperdrive and in real time when the falcon went to yavin 4 in episode 4 and many times since. the first thing they would assume is "hey we have a traitor/tracker on board" then do a long series of jumps. or they could just head for the nearest asteroid field and skirt the edge. both ships move at the same speed give or take and the huge star destroyers would have to give a much wider birth of the asteroid field or risk massive damage. in episode 5 vader lost entire star destroyers in his asteroid field hunt. so they skirt around the feild while the star destroyers take the senic route and once they have enough asteroids between them they jump. no line of sight for the sensors. its also been established that the ships have "cores" which are some sort of fusion reactors which power them, not fuel. and thats just the one scene =/

this isnt my star wars fuck disney

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Let's be honest. The new Trilogy is just messed up, especially The rise of Skywalker. I don't know why they decided to bring back Palpatine after he fell from the Death Star years ago, during the Emperial Civil war, in the events of Return of the Jedi



Plus,  Han Solo's death was expected and kinda rushed. 

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