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Who's That Pokemon? #5 (Friday 18th November)

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Event Description:


Mr. Fuji invited you to come over and play another round of 'who's that pokemon?'. Will you be able to guess every pokemon right this time aswell?


Date and Time:


Date: Friday, 18th November

Time: 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT




Lavender, Volunteer Pokemon House, Channel 7




  • Every round a pokemon will be described, you have to guess what pokemon is being described.
  • If you think you know which pokemon is being described you will then have to catch the pokemon you think is being described.
  • Description means the host will give 1 trait (look/typing/pokedex description) the targeted pokemon has. Should no participant be able to give the correct pokemon the host will give another hint, repeating this until a player submitted the wanted pokemon species.
  • Participants can enter up to 3 pokemon per round.
  • To submit a pokemon you think is the right species you have to link it in Channel chat
  • The first participnt to submit the right pokemon will win the round.
  • This event will have 20 rounds.
  • Pokemon must be your OT and caught after the round it was requested in was started
  • Pre-/Evolutions of the requested species will not be accepted as winning entry
  • Attempts to cheat will result in disqualification





100,000 Pokeyen per round



Host: Kurodashi

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Congratulations to our winners! 


DarylDixonTWD- who won 6 rounds!

SodaNaranja - who had great start and won 4 rounds!

VadimEmpoleon, Phobosz and AngelGhost with 2 round each!

And also for  Alexnico EinZDH Skyblueforever Taranys for winning one round each!


I hope you had great time and see you next time! 




Thanks for Ruak who have helped me with event! 

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