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[PSL 6] Week Five

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I checked into it, and yeah youre right

He was driving a bus and hit some kid

1 hour ago, Gunthug said:

When it comes to poor attempts at insulting nicknames, Moe is an artist 

It's quite a feat when my non-insults look like insults and triggering uguues left and right. Just FYI, DoubleJ named himself that in the other shit thread; I just went with the flow. 


51 minutes ago, Toast said:

the joke is moetal tbh

The toast is burnt. No surprise there.

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11 minutes ago, Arimanius said:

didn't need the freeze or any hax tho, about the broken mon I agree.

RIP my CB Scizor, the old lad didn't even get to punch your team, but instead gave Typhlosion more switch in opportunities and let your Scizor go +2 Attack and +1 Defense. 

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