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Hide and Seek (Friday 4th November)

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Date/Time: Friday 4th November, 4PM EDT | 8PM GMT

Location: The whole of Kanto and Hoenn, Channel 7


Prize: 100,000 Pokeyen per round (20 rounds)


Explanation: The Host will hide in different places around the map each round. Once they announce they are ready to be found in Channel chat you can start searching for them. There will be 20 rounds and the first person to find the staff host and send them a trade request will win that round. The host will announce a clue word at the beginning of each round to help players find their location. This will take place on Channel 7 and staff will communicate in Channel chat throughout the duration of the event. 



  • The host will always be hiding in Channel 7
  • Event-related information will be shared via Channel Chat.
  • The host hiding will announce at the start of each round that they are ready to be found. From that point players will be able to search for the host.
  • The first player to send a trade request to the hidden staff member will win the round.
  • Access to any and all currently accessible in-game areas may be required.
  • Any attempt to cheat in any way will result in disqualification.

No signups/registration are required, so just turn up and participate!!

Hosts: Kurodashi Noad


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On 27/10/2016 at 0:05 AM, TheNightArch said:

Smh RNSC banner

As honorary leader of RNSC, I can plagiarise the team's artwork at will. 



This event begins in about 5 minutes!!

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Congratulations to the winners!

Round One: VadimEmpoleon

Round Two: NightArch

Round Three: Raptori

Round Four: Aftershocker

Round Five: UltraModjo

Round Six: Raptori

Round Seven: Aftershocker

Round Eight: Bartolomew

Round Nine: Dougii

Round Ten: Raptori

Round Eleven: UltraModjo

Round Twelve: Satoshimajorx

Round Thirteen: Angelech

Round Fourteen: Straytp

Round Fifteen: Angelech

Round Sixteen: Aftershocker

Round Seventeen: OrangeManiac

Round Eighteen: Aftershocker

Round Nineteen: GavilanMaximo

Round Twenty: Bartolomew


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