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[Video][Tournament][Commentary] PokeMMO Autumn Showdown 2016 (October 2nd - December 4th) - Roy Rogers News Commentaries

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Good morning fellow players, I thought that I should compile all my commentaries of this series. I hope I can be available for all the series and if I miss one, I'll list it as missed. I must give thanks to @Kurodashi for hosting this wonderful series (and @Bearminator for continuing it)! I hope you enjoy the battles I commentated on for this series, so without further ado, lets get to the action!



Silver means Semi Final Battle

Gold means Final Battle



1. YettoDie VS. Forfiter



2. gbwead VS. Torinnnnn; Gazelli VS. Torinnnnn



3. BlueJim VS. Miguelez; LifeStyle VS. Miguelez





5. Mnemosyne VS yangsam; SweeTforU VS yangsam



6. KaynineXL VS ArtemisetaArtemiseta VS ZDFire



7. Deadwind VS flavawhat


8. SoyHector VS. Frags; DiDidIStutter VS. Frags (This Round was filmed with Co-hosts)



Reserves:   SoyHector Vs. KaynineXLDarylDixonTWD Vs. LKrenzKaynineXL Vs. DarylDixonTWDKaynineXL Vs. DarylDixonTWD (KaynineXL won the loser's match)


Finale: yangsam VS. GazelliZDFire VS. Gazelli; Frags VS. Gazelligbwead VS. Frags (1); Gazelli VS. Frags; Gazelli VS. LifeStyle; Gazelli VS. gbwead; gbwead VS. Frags (2); Frags VS. gbwead (3)




If you liked my content, or want to give me a suggestion as to effectively cover these battles, please let me know either in my comment section on YouTube or in this post.




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2 hours ago, SirYurop said:

Good job Bestfriends, its cool to have someone like you in this community

Thanks, I appreciate people viewing my work. Hours in the editing room, but its for a worthy cause! The real person you have to thank is @Noad because she introduced me to the competitive audience back in 2014. From here on, I hope you enjoy my content!

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