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The Great PokeMMO Ghost Hunt #2 (October 21)

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It's that time of year when the veil separating the realm of the living from the realm of the dead begins to tear. Citizens around the world have been reporting strange apparitions in their neighborhoods. Children have been behaving oddly, sometimes even going missing. Who can they call to help bring this chaos to an end?


Date: Friday, October 21 | Saturday, October 22

Time: 8PM - 9PM EDT | 12AM - 1AM UTC | 1AM - 2AM BST

Location: Lavender Town Pokemon Center Ch. 7



  • Your Pokemon must be captured within the hour limit, any Pokemon caught before or after will be disqualified.
  • If your Pokemon has any EV's or Exp it is disqualified.
  • Your entry must have been captured, no breeding.
  • If your Pokemon is not a level listed as obtainable, it is disqualified.
    • You may not use Rare Candies to increase a Pokemon's level
  • Only listed Pokemon count.
  • You can only submit one Pokemon.
  • You may not use an alt character to gain more entries.
  • You should whisper one of the staff members listed with your entry.
  • The Pokemon must be your OT.
    • You may not trade other players or use the GTL to obtain entries
  • You will have 15 minutes after the event is over in which to submit your entry. No late entries.
  • See this guide or your Pokedex in game for details on where each of the listed Pokemon can be found



When you turn in your Pokemon the total score will be calculated as follows:

Total Score = Level + Rarity Factor + (Sum total of IVs)


Poochyena 2-8, 12-14, 26
Gastly 13-19
Haunter 20, 23, 25

Gastly 38, 40
Haunter 44, 46, 48, 50, 52
Natu 15,20
Cacnea 21, 23

Misdreavus 15, 20, 22
Murkrow  15, 20, 22
Spinarak 9,14

Sableye 10, 12
Duskull 28-31
Shuppet 28-31

Mr. Mime 28-30
Hypno 37,40


1st Prize: 1 million Pokeyen  and 1 Ghost Outfit

2nd Prize: 500,000 Pokeyen

3rd Prize: 375,000 Pokeyen

4th Prize: 125,000 Pokeyen


Host: XelaKebert

Referees: Kurodashi, Bearminator

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11 minutes ago, oNYKOo said:

halloween event where ? this year not have  ? 

this year will not have event?

halloween is 31 october , not 21

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2 minutes ago, LifeStyle said:

aint this like 2am for you tho? lol

He won't have nothing  to do so no problem for him

Edited by xStarr

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Congratulations to our winners:


1st Place: XxMEXExX - Haunter 276 Points

2nd Place: DiegoGrisales - Hypno 271 Points

3rd Place: KoopaBoss - Hypno 270 Points

4th Place: Chjl - Gastly 268 points


Thank you to all who took part.

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