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Any Fin Is Possible #3 (Monday 24th October)

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Welcome to PokeMMO's Official Fishing Competition!


  1. Each round I will announce a Pokemon that can be caught via fishing and a nature for that Pokemon. All announcements will be made in CHANNEL CHAT.
  2. Players will then hunt for this species with the correct nature. 
  3. The first person to link the Pokemon in NORMAL CHAT of Slateport Pokemon Centre Channel 7.
  4. All Pokemon must be caught after I announce the start of the round.
  5. There will be 10 rounds in this competition. All Pokemon can be caught with the Fishing Rods so it is advisable to make sure you have all three in your inventory. 


Date: Monday 24th October

Time: 4:00 PM EDT | 9:00 PM GMT

Location: Slateport PC Channel 7


Prize: n6wWQAF.png $200,000 Pokeyen per Round n6wWQAF.png



  • Event information will be broadcast over Channel Chat.
  • There will be 10 rounds in which a Pokemon's species and nature will be given by the event host. Players will then search for and capture a Pokemon that fits the requirements, and the first to show it in Normal chat at the event location will win that round.
  • Pokemon must be obtained after the required Pokemon is revealed in chat.
  • In the unlikely circumstance of a draw, the winner will be decided by earliest catch time.
  • Any attempts to cheat will result in disqualification.


Let's pay our respects to the dead:

Zehkar was my staff buddy who helped me create the original Any Fin is Possible. Most of the time he was as useful as the Magikarp above but sometimes he did good. 

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Congratulations to the following aspiring anglers:

Round 1: Quirky Goldeen - NightArch

Round 2: Timid Luvdisc - NightArch

Round 3: Jolly Horsea - DarylDixonTWD

Round 4: Lax Krabby - Frags

Round 5: Bold Wailmer - Geniculata

Round 6: Rash Carvahna - AlateaOlwyn

Round 7: Relaxed Qwilfish - AlateaOlwyn

Round 8: Sassy Barboach - AlateaOlwyn

Round 9: Hasty Poliwhirl - SimoneP

Round 10: Adamant Magikarp - Vincenteh

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