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( Turn off your adblock before you want to read this ) Finally , I have just finished my rest . I start to receive request again (^.^) Im revived by @FinnTheMember who created MATE , so he w

@Startear :3


  • My Character : Goku (Like this)
  •                                                   Blastoise (in background)

Image result for gokugoku_dbs_ending_by_saodvd-d94omef.png

Size : As big as Tackle's sig

My background : Planet Namek

Animated : Yes

Border : Yes

My Text : Infininja

My note : Animated Goku (if its possible)? Also, take time to finish.

Edited by Infininja
Adding stuff
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My Character : the most irish pokemon you can think of

Size : up to you

My background : something relating to that pokemon or type

Animated: if you think it would look cool

Border : Rounded corners please :D

My Text : Shawn Team Chaos [ Ø ]

My note : just make it Irish looking? Also, team under my name please? :D

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16 hours ago, Startear said:

What is Irish ? I can't understand it xD

Like Ireland. the country in europe. Green White and Orange, Beer, Shamrocks, Leprechauns lol Like when something is american or english or asian or italian, etc.

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13 hours ago, KAREKA said:

Sign Animated

Name: YanceYBrotheR (Animated)

Team: OzBR (Animated)

Theme BG: Dark / Lava (Animated)

Pokemon: Shiny Charizard (Animated or non Animated - Make without Mega Evolution)

I only can do Animated one thing . Name or Background .

Edited by Startear
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