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[RISÉ] The Uprising


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On 4th September 2016, Teams Renaissance and MastersxDivision united together to become more competitively-diverse and to offer the opportunity for their respective members to start anew. Since i

It's been a pleasure. Yall nabs and I'm too tired to write a scroll right now so lemme summarize it. To those who didn't know, I'm quitting. I've spent a lot of time on this game and now it's time to

POKEMMO HOUSE PARTY Bored of sitting around Vermilion CH1 doing nothing all day? Can't ever get invited to a single party in real life? Are you a pringle? Come join PokeMMO's first house party, h

Just now, DoubleJ said:

LYLE is recruiting. Only SweeT may submit an app though. Thanks. 

I appriciate you trying to crack a joke

but right now isnt really the time


we actually hurting

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Just now, Nobarsmcgee said:

this is prolly why 50% of people leave

Man that was Jovi fucking influence, I dont know this, but Im poretyy sure he brought that fukcing cancder into this community, one of the major reasons ive concidered quitting lately, dont take me the wrong way I do like you still jovi

Just now, GeneralVenican said:

dont worry man, if its worth anything, im pretty sure lots of older member of teams appreciate what u did, and for me ur one of thr few reason im still around...

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so yeah, blame havs for that


Fam you genuinely one of the people I really like in this game, I dont say htat enough

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17 minutes ago, Havsha said:

And we did man, we did. I mean howelse did all these people get the chance to join lyle aura and whatver you people consider to be good comp teams, if our members stayed, well who the hell knows where we could have been

I enjoyed my time on RISE man, I was on MDVN for 2 years before we merged with you guys to create RISE. I left for personal reasons and because of some things I don't agree with. Doesn't mean I think less of anyone and honestly it sucks because I have grown close to many people, including a large number of people still in RISE. I didn't leave for a better team. No hard feelings. I just hope shit works out however you guys are wanting it to. 

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