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[RISÉ] The Uprising


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42 minutes ago, TheChampionMike said:

Unfortunately it is the last one for now. 


Did you know that paper was invented by the Chinese around 105 A.D. and was kept a secret for many years? 


Damn Chinese man. Keeping paper for themselves!!11!

I was the one who told them to keep it a secret, but that all changed when the fire nation attacked..

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9 hours ago, xSparkie said:

@TheChampionMike where is my daily random facts?? Can't start my day without these

Fine. Did you know that Bassian Thrushes find food by farting?


Worm-eating Bassian thrushes have been known to dislodge their prey from piles of leaves by directing their farts at them. The excretion of gas shifts the leaf-litter on the ground and apparently provokes worms to move around, revealing their location.

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