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[RISÉ] The Uprising

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Just now, Bilburt said:


mail. They'll become 3mils in my hands

Just now, xStarr said:

Tournaments for TT lineups?

not really but i'll do an uu and nu one too someday

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21 minutes ago, Imperial said:

Oltan gonna guide us to our first TT win yes?????


13 minutes ago, Havsha said:

Team Captain: Havsha

Over before it even started

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22 hours ago, Erayne said:

RISE OU TOURNAMENT 28/02 6pm gmt



calm ludicolo



moves:surf/giga drain/synthesis/leech seed


any donation is welcome and will be added to price pool

OU team event is cool.

Hope next OU to be held on around 3PM GMT.

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From now on I'll only communicate in contextual speech through the use of the  Russian words 'cyka'  and 'blyat'


Image result for russian flag putin

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страница король

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