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[RISÉ] The Uprising

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43 minutes ago, TeamRocketHarry said:

I was gonna post a furry pic but i got cancer and my phone exploded rip

time 2 sue samsung

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On 1/2/2017 at 1:29 PM, 001 said:

Summertime now
They don't love me
They're just laughing
I can't be someone
I'm born from nothing
I am just a prop
Ugliness is all I got
They don't really care
They just want me to look fucked up
They just want me for my blood
Too many words -- not enough love
Running out of air
While you choke me with your gloves
Pulling on my hair until it bruises
Baby I was born to lose this
I am no one
Forever no one



im not dax dw

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Alrighty updated OP and accolades.


From what I can see we have had a pretty successful run so far, lots of accolades. While half of them being for sweet and NightArch (xdddd). Also getting 2nd in TT. And we definitly have had fun. Thank you everyone who was and still is a member of this team. Without you guys it wouldn't be such a gay team have been possible. Here is to an even better year.

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