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Daycare move learn prevention item



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2 hours ago, blahblahbal said:

It'd be cool if there was an item that, when held by a Pokemon in daycare, prevented moves from being naturally learned. The Amnesia Brace could serve this purpose, as well as its current use. Or some other new item.

Why use daycare? You just have to do some hordes at Hoenn Victory Road and it will up your Pokemon really fast.

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Just now, blahblahbal said:

Yeah but... Daycare can level up more of your Pokemon at a time. Pokemon in daycare earn 60% of the xp you get in battles.

Still prefer hordes. And i i'm not wrong, daycare cost you money. But i didn't use it since like.. i can't even remember lol

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Nelfy if you're already leveling a bunch of pokemon or you just wanted to stick a pokemon in there while you focused on other things then this works. Since pokemon automatically learn moves while in the daycare it can ruin a pokemon if the person doesnt want them to learn any new moves.

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4 minutes ago, blahblahbal said:

What I meant by that was the other way around. What if there aren't any Pokemon that you don't care about the moveset on?

Breed more, and train when u get one.


PS : Or you can still use my leveling service.

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1 hour ago, Greskull said:

is there any order about daycare-learned moves? I mean, you'll loose your last move and goes above or it will be the fisrt one...?

Yes, the topmost move will be shifted off in favor of the new move, which will appear at the bottom of the list.


9 minutes ago, Heavenrise said:

You can either use several Exp. Shares (be from alt runs or bought from GTL) or use mushrooms to relearn the moves you want... so it' kinda meaningless tbh. :T

Mushrooms don't work for tutor moves. And Exp Share... it reduces the xp gain the more of them you use :P.

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4 hours ago, notmudkip0 said:

Maybe do movesets last if you don't want to lose any moves

Now that we have a plausible reason to have level 100's, people are going to want their comps to be level 100 to make grinding as easy as possible. The daycare saves a lot of time, but will replace moves. If there was some sort of guarantee that the daycare would not replace moves on a Pokemon, it would become a great moneysink. You know how the devs love their moneysinks.

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