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[MOD] 1X Scale Summary Sprites

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5 hours ago, Cosmicplasma said:

Você tem os sprites de volta para os sprites?

At the moment there, I might let them out the back Sprite as original or some mod because I find Sprites Back in the same quality as those put in Summary.

will look like this:

1- https://gyazo.com/58d9b16231312ddd26ae08faa6a0e626

2 https://gyazo.com/a32530bca5c8ac63298fd718fc7924d3

3- https://gyazo.com/64795ab224b3b142740293fe22d97039

with these sprites:



Just started the mod, much remains to be done, such as adjusting size among other things.

Note: Cosmicplasma thank you for everything, but later found out it was just to save as gif for web in photo shop and scales function normally.

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