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Increasing Timer Limit For Doubles



Firstly let me say that 3 min is absolutely fine in singles, but doubles needs 4 minutes minimum imo. Usually doubles matches are fast paced in the beginning, but as the match progresses, each move you make becomes much more crucial because there are many scenarios that you have to think of. Not only do you have two pokemon of your own to worry about, but two of your opponent's as well. If you spectate Kay vs Frags' match yesterday, both their timers went to 00:02 or 00:005 approximately, near the end of the match. Some other reasons why I feel an increase in the timer is necessary, is the non implementation of a cancel button. Because one can't undo a move they have made, they spend a lot of time making sure that the first move they make is the right one. Let's not forget the fact that if any one of the players is experiencing slight lag, they are fucked and that would be a shitty way to get knocked out. I can't really think of a negative for increasing the timer for doubles. 


Here's the screenshot to what I was referring to:




As you can see from the screenshot above, with little time remaining, most players would choose a move that they'd eventually regret in order to prevent being dq'd and this isn't something that should be the deciding factor in an outcome of a match.

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Since I'v played a lot of showdown the past few months, I can't believe how much I love that cancel button, it's one thing I really do miss when I play PokeMMO. Hopefully we can get that.



About the timer... That was some butt clenching intense stuff:




Fortunately neither got DQ'd though, frags clutched the move just in time.



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I see it this way; in Doubles you are making twice the amount of decisions that you do in single battle format. Therefore logically you should be allocated more time in the Doubles format to account for this. So I am in support of this suggestion, worrying about your timer running out takes away from the fun aspect of competitive Doubles play. 


Also Kaynine, the Hitmontop in your signature appears to have rickets. 

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53 minutes ago, Noad said:

I see it this way; in Doubles you are making twice the amount of decisions that you do in single battle format.

Considering all the possible combination of moves you can do with two Pokemon including switch-outs you're making multiple times more decisions on a turn of Doubles than you're making on a single turn of Singles. Therefor yes, pls gib more time.


There's a reason why VGC format has 60 seconds / turn for a move.

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