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On 4/17/2017 at 9:50 AM, MathewMat said:

Name : MonkeyDMathew

Team : [läva]

Pokemon/render : MonkeyDLuffy FromOnePiece

Sorry for the long wait, I hope you like it


On 7/24/2017 at 0:01 AM, HellnGGod said:




Pokemon/render:Houndoom and Mightyena

Donation (if you want):Sorry

I will get to yours very soon

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Name: Kyokatsu, but I'd appreciate if you can post a nameless version of the sig as well, and one with her name if you can find a decent render (Kazami Kazuki)


Pokemon/render: Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia, or the pokémon Suicune, if you can't find a decent render of her

Donation (if you want): cant donate, I only have 3k atm

Any additional Notes: blue-ish background/theme would be nice, please don't use a lewd render. Thanks!

Edited by Kyokatsu
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On 2/8/2016 at 8:22 PM, FuzzyRegirock said:


Name: ZeusPVP
Pokemon / render:pliz use the gif. http://i(magizer.imageshack.us/a/img924/9131/uVrdWl.gi)f
Donation (if you want)
Any additional note:delete ( and ) in link 






Edited by ZeusPVP
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