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Joyful Return!

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Hi everyone! I'm Max, my IGN is Pastels and I've had a PokeMMO account since 9-15-13, but I've been relatively inactive for most of that time. 


Recently, I've decided to try and get active again due to my interest in Pokemon coming back! In order to get back into the swing of things I've been looking for a group who will support my inept community intelligence and help teach me how things roll in PokeMMO nowadays. 


I have a general understanding of competitive battling and own some (garbage) trained competitive Pokemon. With my return I plan on leaning towards the NU and UU tiers as they just seem the most fun to me, hopefully I'll get back into battling quickly.


In terms of things about me...


From: Texas, USA 

Favorite Pokemon: Whismur

Favorite Generation: III (3) 

Hours Played: 577

Favorite Movie: Gone Girl

Favorite Color(s): Purple / Pink





Thanks for reading!

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Welcome back, Hope you enjoy this "fun" Game :) You should check out the changelog, a lot has changed 

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