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Changelog: 24/07/2016

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  • Contest stats now show in Dex tooltips for Moves
  • In Tournament Mode matches, swapping no longer gives timer time after 30 minutes of a match duration



  • Reduced growth time of Leppa/Cornn/Magost/Rabuta/Nomel berries from 24h to 22h
  • Reduced growth time of Lum berry from 48h to 46h
  • Reduced growth time of Spelon/Pamtre/Watmel/Durin/Belue/Liechi/Ganlon/Salac/Petaya/Apicot/Lansat/Starf berries from 72h to 70h
  • Base rematch rates for non-Elite 4 NPCs have been adjusted from 1.3x to 1.45x
  • NPC payouts have been redistributed so that they're less top heavy


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several client crashes
  • When searching for text, characters with diacritics (e.g. é) will now be recognized as their basic latin counterparts
  • Fixed an issue where gender split species would show '?' in breeding windows at inappropriate times
  • Fixed Gift species with multiple possible Abilities having the wrong ability shown until relog, in some cases
  • Fixed PP increases for Elite 4 parties
  • Fixed Happiness being too low in Elite 4 parties with Return
  • When in a PvP queue (Tournaments / Matchmaking), incoming requests (Duel/Friend/Trade/Team/Link) are automatically declined. Outgoing requests can still be made.

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