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Changing Views - Shortstory Writing Contest (July 4th - July 17th)

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a break from your journey to become the very best? Was there ever a Moment you imagined how it is to be in the shoes of one of the Elite Four, maybe a Fisherman, or even a Team Rocket grunt? Then this is your chance! In this event you will write a story out of the life of someone else! Who you are writing about is completly up to you. Will you have a fearsome battle against a trainer challenging you for your gym badge or maybe you met a really rare pokemon on your journey through the mountains? Get your Keyboards ready and set your Brain on creativity, it's time to write on!




  • All entries must include your IGN.
  • All entries must be your own original work.
  • All entries must be posted into this thread.
  • All entries must adhere to our Code of conduct.
  • All entries must be submited during the given time frame.
  • No entry may exceed the 2500 word count.
  • Your story must feature and be written from the perspective of one of the NPC in PokeMMO. (Writing from the perspective of a Pokemon is not allowed)


Entry Submission Timeframe:


Start: July 4th - 12:00 AM BST


End: July 17th - 11:59 PM BST






1000 RP and 1.000.000$


2. Place

500 RP and 500.000$



Host: Bearminator


Refs: Noad Musica TheChampionMike 

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16 minutes ago, DoomedRaven said:

BOY OH BOY, this looks awesome! Finally my chance to play the Sudowoodo in Battle Frontier!


2 hours ago, Kurodashi said:

(Writing form the perspective of a Pokemon is not allowed)


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5 minutes ago, Kurodashi said:

(Writing form the perspective of a Pokemon is not allowed)

>Form, not from

Well this will be fun... very fun.

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17 minutes ago, Kurodashi said:

(Writing form the perspective of a Pokemon is not allowed)

I thought the sarcasm was self-explained.

Edited by DoomedRaven

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Can I draw pictures for my story?


EDIT: Can I draw pictures of Moemon for my story? This is very important.

Edited by Moetal

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As much as I like them, I am not sure how your gonna make use of moemon but in any way you are free to draw as many pictures as you want but in the end it is a writing contest so we won't judge pictures/art.

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IGN fredrichnietze



    Once upon a time before pokeballs were invented, pokemon were captured with traps and were very difficult to train. It would take years of building trust and training by a professional before a pokemon would behave and obey it's trainer. Trainers being killed by their pokemon was not unheard of. And then one day in 1925 a man named professor westwood invented the pokeball. This changed everything as now ordinary people could catch and train pokemon with very little risk. You see pokeballs have a taming effect on wild pokemon. Of course inevitably this lead to the very first pokemon war….

Miss Granger “Sakaki! Are you paying attention?”
“Yes miss Granger.”
“Then please tell the class who lost this war.”
“Kanto did.”
“Correct. Kanto and it's allies lost the war to the Vandals across the ocean. Kaneki, would you please tell us how we lost the war?”
“Uhhhhhh they had better pokemon?”
“No Kaneki. Sakaki would you care to answer for your twin brother?”
“The Vandals invented the atomic bomb which when set off at high altitudes would create a pulse that destroyed electronics like pokeballs, as well as wipe out any cities they dropped one on.”
the school bell rings.
“Good job Sakaki. I'd like you all to study up on the first pokemon war tonight. Class is dismissed.” 
Kaneki “Saka why do you have to be such a teachers pet?”
“Go eat a muk Kan. Lets get home before it rains.”
“You eat a muk! And Han the 4th grader said there is a rattata stuck in a dumpster over by the ramen shop. You can go home if you like but im going to see it.”
“Fine but if their isnt one, you are buying me ramen.”
The boys hurried off. After a few minutes walk they arrived at the back of the shop right as it started to rain. 
Saka “you're buying me ramen with your allowance Kan. I told you their wouldn’t be a rattata.”
“It's Han's fault we are walking home in the rain not mine.”
A red van pulls up, and a 40~ year old woman rolls down the window. “Hey kids, need a ride? Would be a shame if you got a cold in this weather.”
Kan “I don’t know, my mom always said not to get in a car with strangers.”
Sakaki “Kan it's your fault we are getting wet, just get in.”
Strange woman “Your mom's a smart woman but she wouldn’t want you getting a cold now would she? My name is Rose.”
Saka and Kan got in the van and after driving for a few minutes Rose offered them some candy…….
Saka “Kan?……..kan…….Kan!”
“Uuhhh yea?”
“Where are we Kan?!? I can't see anything”
“I dont know I cant see anything either. Nothing is covering my eyes it must be really dark”
unknown voice “ah they awake at last”
Kan “who are you! Where are we?”
the stranger laughed.

Sakaki woke up. It is late at night.
“Sir are you alright?!”
“A bad dream, leave.”
The guard left.
“What did you dream of Saka?”
“Did you know I used to have a twin Brigette?” 
“I think you mentioned he died. Was that what you dreamed of?”
“Yes. We were kidnapped as children. They kept us in a pit with wild pokemon. Something about making the ones who survived the best trainers ever so we could win the next war. Like their would be another war. Kan helped me crawl into the ceiling, and when I came back for him with help he was already dead”. 
“That's horrible! Is that why you formed te-”
“Yes. Now come back to bed.”
Saka now in his 50's put his hand behind Brigettes neck and….
lets just say they had a “good time”.

The next morning Saka awoke to a knock on his door. He opened his eyes to see the naked back of the most beautiful women to ever come out of hoenn in his opinion. He got up quietly so not to disturb Brigette and went to the door to their room. Saka wondered how long Brigette would stay this time before going back to hoenn to work on her computer system. At the door was his aide Francis with the morning report.
Francis “Sir. We received word or a problem at the lab. Apparently one of the test subjects has started moving objects. It's been confirmed it is still asleep and has no woken up, but it has started moving things while sleeping. Also the projects to the north have had some problems. We lost contact and have had unconfirmed reports of various things going wrong, but we have manage to confirm no police involvement.”
“How is the project to recruit my old military contacts going?”
“Very well sir. We have been very discreet and no one is the wiser, and we have had very good recruitment percentages sir. They know the government is a puppet for the Vandals and the best way to keep Kanto safe and regain our sovereignty is to quietly build an army not associated with the government.”
“Very good. And how about the virus?”
“We have succeeded in linking porygons to computers and using them to boost the power and calculations per second drastically! However the software and the long range radios are still buggy. We are a good year away form being able to knock out nukes with software.”
“Did anything Brigette bring form hoenn help?
“Im afraid not sir. The technology looks promising but rewriting what we already have to work on it would take at least a year. We would have to scarp nearly the entire project and start from scratch.”
“Alright, send 20 men to mt moon and tell them to travel through the woods and keep quiet and hidden. Also get me a line to the lab.”
“Yes sir, eta on the phone line is 15 minutes. Their has been interference on the cable to cinnabar. Probably just lanturns getting too close.”
“Have it ready when I return form the cafe.”
“Sir shall I send a man for you?”
“No, I rather do it myself today.”
Saka left the building and started walking to the cafe. Saka thought of his dream and wondered if Kan would agree with his choices. Would Kan disagree with some of his methods? Or would he see the end game and decide the goal was worth it? The Vandals are not the same culture today that they were when they dropped the bombs. They knew the pokeballs would die, but not that the pokemon inside would also die. They knew the people inside the blast radius would die, but not that the radiation left by the bomb would kill tens of thousands in the first few weeks and months and still kill people to this day. The guilt changed them as a culture. The Vandals of today tried to treat their territory right and rebuilt it better then before, but the damage they did to the people and the memories lingered. And why should we pay taxes to a foreign land? Because they killed so many of us decades ago?
Saka ”Im sorry I didn't see you there, are you alright?”
“Yes mr, im fine. It's not your fault i'm shorter then my chansey over here. When you get my age you'll shrink too! Hehehhe”
Saka walked into the cafe. After a few minutes he walked out with several riceballs with fish inside and one of their newest items. A pastry called a stuffed soft pretzel form across the ocean. Saka walked back home and saw Francis waiting outside the door looking frantic.
Saka “What are you doing out here!? You'll draw attention!”
“Mr Giovanni, the Test subject Mewtwo has escaped from the lab!”




fred speaking

i always thought Giovanni was a empty character. why did he make team rocket? what was his motivation? how does one man become a gym leader and form a large successful organization that was arguably more powerful then the government? for what purpose? clearly he could have chose a different path with the skills it took to make team rocket. here's my take and why yes, that is Giovanni's real first name


and yes Brigette is 


and yes i do like redheads


Edited by fredrichnietze

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Aw fred beat me to it. I have my story written (~1000 words), although I kind of want to write the sequel for another 1000 words. You're honestly killing my motivation, fred.

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9 hours ago, Moetal said:

Aw fred beat me to it. I have my story written (~1000 words), although I kind of want to write the sequel for another 1000 words. You're honestly killing my motivation, fred.

it's very simple. hate me. hate me so much you want to write a story that'll make mine look like shit written on a toilet in a night club while on drugs. 


there ya go motivation.

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9 hours ago, fredrichnietze said:

it's very simple. hate me. hate me so much you want to write a story that'll make mine look like shit written on a toilet in a night club while on drugs. 


there ya go motivation.

You know, I'm tempted to say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED", but first I must draw some moes.

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ign: pachima




To the north of Four Island, there was this house, where trainers were said to leave their pokemon to be raised since ancient times.
A young trainer pushed the door and entered in the house, where he approached the daycare woman, standing behind the desk.

“I´m the day care lady” the woman introduced herself “We can raise Pokemon for you. Would you like us to raise one for you?

“Yes” the trainer replied, giving her a pokeball he had just taken out.

“Fine, I´ll look after your Seedot for a while”

“We can raise two of your pokemon” she added “Would you like us to raise one more Pokemon for you?”

“No” he replied.

“Will you take your pokemon back?”


“Fine. Come anytime you like”

The trainer left while the old woman took the pokeball with her and exited through the back door.

The garden behind the house was gorgeous. Colorful trees of different berries erupted out of the soft carpet made by the tiny grass that covered the ground.

To the west, sitrus trees hid a crystalline river, home of several water Pokemon that could be seen jumping and surfing happily with each other.

Following the river, one could see a waterfall crashing with a bang in the most distant zone of the garden.

“Come little fellow” the old lady said as she threw the pokeball away, releasing a Seedot, who looked amazed by the scenario around him.

“Do you like?” the old lady asked with a smile, already knowing the answer.

“See, see, seedot” the pokemon replied with his eyes overflowing with joy, much for the lady´s pleasure.

“I´m glad you do” the woman stated “Now back to business” she crouched the most she could and pointed at the horizon “Are you seeing that tree over there? There are plenty of rare candies lying around there. Go there and bring me some, that´s how you will level up here”

“See, see” the pokemon replied, before leaving with tiny jumps towards the place indicated.

The now alone lady watched happily the pokemon increasing distance from her, when something caught her attention.

She turned to the other side, discovering Heracross and Wurmple running towards her.

The bug Pokemon finally stopped when they reached near the old lady.

“So what we have in here?” the lady asked as she caressed Wurmple´s body.

The tiny Pokemon spat out 4 rare candies, which the lady took afterwards.

“Good job” she said, extending her hand with three of the candies “Take these, they are for you”

Wurmple´s eyes sparkled as it ate the candies, one after another.

Wurmple grew to level 7.

Wurmple grew to level 8.

Wurmple grew to level 9.

“You are free to play with the other Pokemon now” she said to Wurmple, who left the place.

The joy of Wurmple was contrasted by the sadness seen on Heracross´s expression.

“What happened, crossy?” the woman asked, overtly concerned about the Pokemon before her.

“Hera hera, cross cross” the Pokemon replied, showing her the one rare candy he had in his right claw.

“No need to worry” the woman said with her best smile, trying to cheer up Heracross “You are already level  78, you are becoming old, like me… of course you can´t keep up with the young ones like Wurmple”

“Hera…cross” the Pokemon replied lowly.

“Look” the lady started, caressing the Pokemon´s horn “Being old is not a bad thing, look at your beautiful horn, it clearly tells me you have 31 ivs on attack, and since you are already past level 50, I´m pretty sure you will have some good times with your trainer battling with strong and powerful other Pokemon you will meet in the future, one thing that tiny Wurmple still can´t even think about”

The lady then closed Heracross´s claw, the one with the candy.

“Take it for yourself” she said.

“Cross cross” the pokemon replied, much more lively, as he threw the candy into his mouth.

Heracross grew to level 79.

“That´s the expression I want to see in your face” the lady stated, standing up “Now, join Wurmple and play with the other Pokemons”

Heracross nodded and left.

The old woman was clearly tired. With a quick look across the garden, she found a small bench, where she sat down immediately.

There, she looked at the blue and cloudless sky, where some Pidgeys and Spearows could be seen flying around sky-high.

She had an idea and whistled out loud as she took some lava cookies out of her pocket, which she broke into tiny pieces and threw to the ground.

In few seconds, the Pidgeys and Spearows were already gathered around the lady, biting the fragments one after another, ending the lot some minutes later. The bird Pokemons then shouted their cry happily and flew away.

But the day care woman was not out of business yet. In the horizon, still far away, something was quickly approaching her.

It was a Zigzagoon, who doubled his speed, to stop afterwards near the lady.

“Ziggy, zig zig zoon” the Pokemon proffered these words between gasps due to his tiredness.

The old lady laughed before she caressed the Pokemon´s soft fur.

“Let´s see what I can do” she stated “Can you show me where it is?”

The Pokemon nodded and started running.

“More slowly, ziggy” the old lady shouted “I can´t keep up with that speed”

The Pokemon dropped a sweat embarrassed and decreased his speed drastically so the woman could follow him.

Minutes later, they found themselves in the middle of a bunch of sitrus trees. Below one of the greatest and more filled trees, the striped Pokemon waved his tail and pointed his nose at some berries hanging on the lowest branch of the tree.

The old lady didn’t waste any time and reached the targeted branch to take out one of those golden and apparently delicious berries.

She gave it to the pokemon afterwards, who quickly devoured it with great pleasure, slightly surprising the daycare woman by such voracity.

“You sure like those, don´t you?” she asked, with a suspicious look at the clueless Pokemon “I wonder if…”

She then took a pokedex she always had with her and pointed it at Zigzagoon.

“Oh, now I understand, you have gluttony… in that case…”

She stood up and took another berry, just to give it to Zigzagoon afterwards, who joyfully ate it from her hand and, waving its tail, ran away.

 After Zigzagoon disappeared in the horizon, a desire to eat those same berries invaded the daycare woman, who took another one and started eating it.

But she didn´t even have time to finish it. A familiar voice echoed from far away, calling out her name. It was her husband.

“I finally find you” the man said “The trainer from yesterday came to retrieve his Pokemons “I would go find for them, but I´m in the middle of a breed and, sooner or later, the egg comes out”

“Don´t worry” she said as she put her hand in a belt hid under her jersey “Return to the egg thing, I will take care of it”

“Pigeot, come out!” she shouted as she threw a pokeball she had just taken out of her belt.

From it, a seemingly well-treated Pidgeot emerged and approached to the woman, lowering its head in order to receive its beloved caresses from its trainer.

“I knew you were going to do that” she noted, caressing Pidgeot´s head “But now I need you for something” she added “The trainer from yesterday came back, his Pokemons are a Lombre and a Golbat. You should find Lombre in the area 4, near the river, and Golbat in the cave in area 2, bring them to me, please”

The Pokemon roared and flew off with incredible speed.

The woman didn´t need to wait much longer. In seconds, Pidgeot was already there with the two Pokemons on its back.

“Thanks Pidgeot” she finished, clicking in the middle button of her pokeball, to cast a reddish light, which surrounded the Pokemon before it returned to the pokeball.

 “I have good news” she said to Lombre and Golbat  “Your trainer came back, we are going to see him soon”

The Pokemons looked at each other and created their best smiles as they shouted their cry.

Minutes later, in the houses´s counter.

“Ah, it´s you!” the old woman exclaimed with her usual smile “Good to see you. Your Pokemon can only be doing good! By level, your Lombre has grown by 7. By level, your Golbat has grown by 8. Will you take your Pokemon back?”

“Yes” the trainer replied, nodding.

“If you want your Lombre back, it will cost 8000 poke dollars”

“Yes” the trainer replied, giving her the required money.

“Perfect!” she added, placing the pokeball on the desk “Here´s your Pokemon”

The trainer took back Lombre from the day care lady.

“Will you take back the other one, too?”

“Yes” the trainer replied for the third time.

“If you want your Golbat back, it will cost 9000 pokedollars”

“Yes” the trainer replied one last time, giving her the money.

“Perfect” she finished, with the other pokeball put on the table “Here´s your Pokemon”

The trainer took back Golbat from the day care lady.



Edited by pachima
Spaces bugged out

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Title: Diary of Alize

IGN: Moetal






Dear diary,


Today had been a long and unique day. The weather looked great in the morning, so grandpa and I went to our usual spot in the north. I was enjoying the sun with my Pokemon, but it started pouring down before I knew it. I got Pikachu and Clefairy back into their ball and ran for the nearest cover, but in my haste I had completely forgot about grandpa. Okay I admit the island isn't that big, but it took me quite a while searching for that senile old man. My hunch was completely right though; grandpa was still standing in the rain and was dripping wet. However, he was not alone - a tall man stood next to him. 


The man was wearing a black motorcycle helmet which completely hided his face and a black uniform with a big red R on it. When I spotted them, he was holding grandpa's prized Egg in his hands! I thought Team Rocket had been disbanded years ago, but in that moment I didn't had much time to think about it too much. I just knew grandpa was in trouble and I had to act! I was not going to stand idle while a Team Rocket is up to no good on my secret paradise island. My hands already moved before I knew it, and I had challenged him to a battle. "This is an excellent environment for raising Pokemon, I won't let you ruin it!" I yelled at him... Okay, I actually forgot what I said exactly, but it was something along that line and that was the highlight of my day. Being a great Pokemon breeder, I had high confidences in my Pokemon. Sending out Pikachu, I was ready to tackle whatever this lowlife has to offer. 


And he just stood there. He stood there and looked at my direction like he was dumbfounded. After a long staredown, he finally put the egg down and reached for one of his Pokeballs on his belt. My confidence and pride as a Pokemon breeder was quickly and completely crushed. A sumo wrestler with a large glove popped out of his Pokeball and striked a fearsome pose. That Pokemon was unlike anything I've ever seen - I've seen and battled Pokemon that were ridiculously strong, but this one was way beyond that. She had an aura that exerted power. At that moment I finally understood why he looked so dumbfounded when I challenged him. To him, my Pokemons were like newly hatched babies, and I bet even battling Lorelei and Pokemon Champions of Kanto would probably be child's play to him. His Pokemon took a quick glimpse at my Pikachu, and she too was dumbfounded at what she was battling. She turned her head around and looked at her trainer utterly baffled. Being so humilitated at that moment, I ordered Pikachu to attack while her guard was down.


Pikachu landed a blow to her face, but she didn't even budge. I had made a terrible mistake. I had woken up a sleeping giant. Her cheerful mood and smile were gone. She raised her arm in preparation for an attack. I had seen extraordinary strong Pokemons that can knockout a Pokemon in a single hit many times before, but the sheer power and aura from this Pokemon could and would definitely kill one. I tried to forfeit the battle at that moment, but my voice didn't come out and I couldn't move. Pikachu, grandpa and I were all frozen by fear. Just as her palm was about to connect, she was interrupted.


"Saki," he said his first and only word. His Pokemon stayed completely still, then slowly looked over her shoulder. He shook his head in disapproval and although unwillingly, she gulped down her rage. Saki catched her breath, and finished her strike albeit it was more like a tap than an attack. Pikachu was still knocked out cold. The battle had been decided at that point, but it must go on till one side is out of usable Pokemons. Sending out my poor Clefairy and then Marill, Saki knocked them out with ease with small pats on the head. Recognizing my defeat and the strength of his Pokemon, I praised my opponent. "Your Pokemon are growing up admirably well!" I said, but I am certain I stuttered the entire phrase. He was definitely not someone I could beat myself. I grabbed grandpa and we hastily left the island. 


As soon we got back to the main island, I ran straight to the Pokemon center to see Nurse Joy and explained the whole situation to her as she treated my Pokemons. Nurse Joy could not stop laughing because I thought "Team Rocket" was "Team Rock It" the entire time. Seriously, "Team Rock It" has a much better ring to it for a criminal organization, doesn't it? The "Rocket" part makes no sense to what they do anyways! It's a common mistake, I'm sure I wasn't the only one! Anyways, from what I heard from Nurse Joy, that man used to be a member of Team Rocket in his youth. Ironically and to much of his dismay, he was partially responsible for causing the team to be disbanded. He keeps the uniform as a constant reminder of his guilt and past sins, although Nurse Joy notes he is like a completely different person now. Hearing those words from Nurse Joy, it felt like a giant weight was just lifted off my shoulders. I can't even imagine what a man like he could do if he was still a Team Rocket member, and who would even come close to stopping him. 


Like what grandpa said, I am actually glad to have met someone like him. Despite claiming to be a great Pokemon breeder, today I know how truly weak I am. I still have a very long road ahead of me, but I've seen the end goal because of him and I know I can get there. I can't wait to face him again. Next time, I will not lose!


Good night,

Author's Afterwords:


I chose to write about Alize because I feel she is one of the least appreciated/visited/battled trainer in Kanto. Being on a tiny island in the middle of no where, I think most people only go there to pick up the egg from the old man and never bothered coming back to re-challenge her since her payout is rather low. In fact, I think most people never even bothered to have the first battle with her or know her existence. Among all the NPC quotes in Kanto, I personally feel the below one from her is quite amusing. How easy it is to misinterpret the below should be pretty self explanatory. 



Edited by Moetal

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I just wanted to make you all sure that this event is still official contest and that I've replaced Kurodashi as host. 

All rules are still same, and I'm looking forward for entries.

Remember, event will end in  July 17th - 11:59 PM BST

Good luck! :3

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IGN: JazzUrufu

"Ahoy! We've hit land in Slateport! You just go on and tell me whenever you want to set sail again!"

“And off she goes! So full of energy, isn’t she, Peeko?  Whenever I met May, I remember my days as a sailor, full of adventure and daring. “

“I just remembered an old adventure of mine with Agatha, Drake, Samuels, Stoney, my old friends.  Now they all have gone separate routes.  Agatha joined Elite Four of Kanto and Drake did so in Hoenn, Samuels is now the all-revered Professor Oak in Kanto and Stoney is now the business tycoon Mr. Stone, his son Steven is a nice guy too, always regards me with respect whenever we meet. Anyways, where were we, darling?  Yes, the old adventure!!”


“We were on our own journey to the farthest corners of the world, in search of Kyogre, my idol and the creator of seas. Why? Coz Samuels being the nerd and over-enthusiastic fool he is, chose the best Pokémon in his mind for his PhD in ‘Theoretical and Analytical View on the Existence of Pokémon’, Kyogre. The expedition was funded by Stoney’s father, so Stoney had come to oversee us; Drake was the only one of them I knew before, a man made for thrills, proven by how he caught a Bagon while his mother was away looking for food.  We two were the only ones there in an isolated corner of Meteor Falls and I was like, “Fuck it, Drake. Life is more important than a Neo-Legendary’s child. We wouldn’t even get help f that uguu Salamance come to devour us. I want to eat roasted corn tomorrow, not to become roasted meat and eaten by a Salamance.”  But he still lured it with a Magikarp and knocked it unconscious with a rock. And Agatha? She just had a huge crush on Oak so she couldn’t leave him for so long so she hopped on.”

“Samuels’ research and long hours at Library suggested that after its long battle with Groudon and the stalemate done by Rayquaza to them,  Kyogre apparently  went off to rest in a underwater cave located in the middle of the ocean separating Hoenn from Kanto, closer to Hoenn. That’s why they us Hoenners, me and Drake, to take them there. And off we went to the deepest seas in a search whose result none could predict.”

“After days of endless sailing and searching, we were in the middle of nowhere. Our supplies were diminishing and Agatha was already thinking how lovers would remember her love for Oak which leads to her untimely death. Damn, so sweet it was, I can blame my diabetes on the time spent around Agatha. Stoney was trying to contact his father to send a rescue team and Samuel, the man who brought us here, was busy taking notes about the new aquatic Pokémon he saw here. That jerk never believed about Relicanth, the ancient fish found only in Hoenn, arguing that the only ancient marine pokes were Kabuto, Omanyte and their evolutions.  What use is a PhD if he doesn’t try to know basic things? “


“Peeko, dear, are you listening? Good, coz that’s where the story gets interesting.”


“Agatha had become so restless that she attempted suicide.  She jumped into the sea and drowned to its depths. I took out Whisks, my Whiscash, while Oak took out his Vaporeon to Dive below, a thing taught by us to these Kanto snobs.”

“She is drowning and drowning deep below and suddenly stops, just like she is placed on plate midwater. First we were confused, and then we saw that she had touched the ocean floor, which was surprisingly very shallow, and she was there. When we reached, we saw a cave opening there. We immediately brought Aggie up and gave her first aid. Oh, how happy she was when she found out Oak had given her mouth-to-mouth respiration. Yikes, so yucky it was for me and Drake, both married to our daring lives than to commit to a damsel. “

“When we had brought Aggie to a position where she could think clearly, we all were thinking what to do next.”

“I think we should just go back to Hoenn and tell Dad that the mission was a failure”, suggested Stoney. Oak retorted, “Then what will I write my thesis on? Magikarps!!! I would die of shame than to write about a useless fish”. “Not entirely useless, my mate”, told Drake. I joked, “I agree. It is also a mean trap to capture pokes for those noobs who can’t capture pokes the normal way, right Drake.” Everyone started laughing so hard that we nearly fell off our chairs.

 Aggie suggested, “Why don’t we check out that underwater cave because I saw a blue tailfin going into that small cave while I was still a little bit conscious.”

 I, Samuel, Stoney and Drake literally choked on the tea we were drinking after hearing that.  

“What do you mean by ‘small cave’? That cave opening could fit 3 obese Snorlaxes, if there is such a thing called ‘obese Snorlax’, retorted Oak.  “If what ye say is correct, Aggie, then what we have got to see in the cave is either the largest Wailord in the world or the chance to meet Kyogre.” I interjected.

 “It’s a win-win both ways, right Oaky?” asked Aggie. “Yeah, of course. It would be always better than to write about much-overemphasized Bagon-baits.”, mocked Oak.  “Stop you folks, or you can always see the reason why I’m alive after catching that Bagon, I dare u Oak to fight Me.”, said Drake angrily.

“Leave it Drake, not good for our mission. So, to the underwater cave we go now”, said Stoney.    

We all were ready next morning to dive. We took a slew of Ultra balls, Revives and Full Restores, in case of emergency. I took Whisks, Oak his Vaporita, as he calls his Vaporeon and Drake his Kingdra, another Pokémon that confounded Oak by its mere existence. Samuel first believed it was a Seadra which was very badly mutated or under last stages of cancer and would die soon. It took a lot of haggling and an update of his pokedex sent by Stoney’s Dad to convince him of Kingdra and Relicanth too. Stoney and Aggie were to stay on our ship, S.S. Explorer to contact with Stoney’s Dad for supplies and rescue. It was the first time I saw Oak jealous of someone and possessive of Agatha, suggesting he might also have feelings for her.

“Bye Aggie. Take care and repeatedly contact the ports”, said Oak, “and stay alert of Stoney”. The reply was anger wrought large on Stoney’s face and a shy smile on Aggies’s face. We dived as fast as we could before Stoney could kill Oak under ‘The Custom of the Sea’ since we were lacking food anyways.

So we dived and dived and reached the other side of the cave and what we saw puzzled us. Instead of a single Pokémon, we saw a whole colony of aquatic pokes like Shellders, Cloysters, Wailmers, Tentacools, Tentacruel and Relicanths too.

“What are so many Pokémon doing at such a small place?” was the question all of us asked together. As we started moving up in the water, we saw that we were approaching built area.” Who the hell built something in a cave? Wow, such fools exist and we share the same seas as them!! Gosh!! God pick us up to Heaven. We have lost our right to live here.” exclaimed Drake.  When we reached the shore, we saw a bunch of people. We immediately hid ourselves to overhear them. One of them was in a suit, crisp black, with sunglasses, followed by a bunch of guy in lab coats.

“Sir, our aquarium is almost ready to present to the public. We will rake in millions when people hear what’s our main attraction.” said one of the lab coat guys.

“Trillions, my chap, trillions, we are talking here. People will rush to pledge us everything they have the moment we give them the proof w e have Kyogre here.” boomed the guy in suit.

We went back to our ship as soon as we could after hearing their conversation. “Welcome back you brave guys and Oaky. We have my Dad on the radio line. Wanna add anything to the supply list?”

“Yeah! Just say Hi from us to the Commander of Hoenn Navy and request him to send enough people that are required to stop a jerk who is planning to exhibit Kyogre as a showpiece in his aquarium”, said Drake. What could be the best way other than a joke to break such news? Possibly……..everyone

“What???? Are u guys nuts? Brief me about the situation”, said Stoney’s Dad. We told him exactly what we saw and heard there to him. “Oh, I see. Wait a minute while I talk to both Kanto and Hoenn Navy about it.”

We waited and waited while we could hear only his side of a three-way phone call , explaining how and what were a bunch of mid-20s people doing at a megalomaniac’s private den and how they stumbled upon the news of Kyogre, editing the suicide part of Aggie out of it. Finally his call ended and he talked back to us.

“According to the reports and hearsay at the top security chambers, the guy you saw was Mr. Giovanni, a powerful crime magnate of Kanto. He is fond of making big money and even fonder using nefarious deeds to do so. He has supposedly an army of 500 trainers at his secret place where u went uninvited. The Hoenn Navy is sending troops to your location which should reach till 3 days. Till then, you are ordered by the Naval Commander  to keep an eye on them.”

“Are u serious Dad? U just asked us 5 people to keep an eye on a guy who is powerful enough to tame a legendary and has 500 people who will kill us at his single command without ado. Don’t u love me?”, retorted Stoney.

“I love you my son, but I love my country much more. Moreover, info provided by u all could help us capture him. So, all of u, be brave. Good Luck and Goodbye.”, signaled out Stoney’s dad.

“Let’s put the situation together. We are 5 people with mostly water pokemons trying to fight a whole army powerful enough to control Kyogre.”, said Aggie impassively.

“Correction, Aggie. He can’t control Kyogre in my opinion. Coz if he could, he could just rule the world and not open a measly aquarium. “, Oak pointed out, for the first time saying something worthy of his IQ.

“Yeah, Oak is right. That means if we could just infiltrate close enough so that he is vulnerable , we could hold him at our mercy and order him to surrender.”, Drake said with a look I know so well now.

“But how?”, asked Stoney.

“The scientists look easy prey to me”, I said.

“So, done. Aggie, me, Briney and Drake would go and impersonate the scientists while Stoney here waits for Navy help.”, said Oak.


“You are gonna die, dumbasses”, roared Giovanni.  Though the scientists were easy meat for our pokes, facing Giovanni wasn’t a good idea. He has a impressive collection of pokes; Snorlax, Machamp, Nidoking, Snorlax and DDDD…….Dragonite!!!  All out together.  We all were looking at our apparent deaths with sea behind us while suddenly Oak blared to Aggie, “Take out your Clefable and use attract”. She did so and Voila!!! All those bloodthirsty pokemons of Giovanni became hopelessly in love with Aggie’s Clefable, drooling over her.

We were laughing loudly while Giovanni  was pleading his pokes to fight, but love is stronger than duty,hahahahah.  Suddenly, Giovanni pressed a button and a pokeball appeared on his seat and out of which came Kangaskhan. A pokemon which is surely female and wont fall prey to attract.

She smashed the Clefable to the floor and went to rampage. She took Aggie and me in her hands and was about to crush us when we saw the greatest sight of our lives. KYOGRE

Kyogre, large as 10 battle ships, came roaring out of water and killed Kangaskhan in one shot. So majestic she was, that Oak even forgot to take its pictures for his thesis.  Damn, it’s a sight that always give sme goosebumpos whenever I remember it.

And as we were beholding Kyogre, Giovanni ran for his life,, only to be caught by the Navy at the Cave’s entrance.


“So, in the end, Oak got his PhD, Agatha got time with Oak, Stoney got his Dad’s company while me and Drake got an adventure of our lives.”

Peeko twirls in the air.

“Hey, darling, asking why I didn’t take you. Simple coz I found your egg in the cave which motivated me to free all pokemons here. Oh, look. Here comes May.”

"Ahoy! For you, I'll go out to sea anytime! Now, my friend, where are we bound?"
















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